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Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
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James Curleigh
President & CEO at Gibson Brands, Inc
125 year, 23andMe, Agile, Epiphone, Google, IPhone, IPhone (1st generation), Levi Strauss & Co., Macy's, RadioShack, Snickers, Starbucks, amazing experience, apply force, black box, british accent, called momentum, candy bar, competitive advantage, create momentum, daily ritual, gibson guitar, golden era, hybrid life, iconic brand, job description, les paul, levi strauss, long time, make, marathon bar, patiently aggressive, positive pressure, pretty cool, remember people, sheriff sound, start thinking, starting point, town hall, wearable technology, word
Jonathan Schwabish
Founder at PolicyViz
books, categories, create, data, dot plot, graph, graph types, graphs, hive chart, kids, laura numeroff, lead, library, made, moose, muffin, nightingale chart, people, plot, point, poster, project, shapes, slope chart, socrata connect 2017, sorts, start thinking, understand, unit chart, version, xy space