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Andreas Mueller
Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University
Twitter, _ test, _ train, basic api, call fit, computer science, cool thing, core developers, cross validation, feature extraction, feature selection, fit method, generalization performance, grid search, ground truth, leaking information, machine learning, make predictions, model generalizes, pre processing, principle components, processing pipeline, python library, random forest, scikit learn, test data, test labels, test set, training data, training labels, — gridsearchcv
Jonathan Hersh
Assistant Professor at Chapman University
CNN, DigitalGlobe, Dotdash, Google Maps, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, YouTube, barely qualified, bloomberg businessweek, cnn architecture, computer vision, data augmentation, data flows, data science, destroyed building, detecting conflict, developing world, jonathan hersh, labeling process, machine learning, moderate poverty, poor areas, previous work, real time, satellite image, satellite imagery, sri lanka, static model, training data, training imtes, training imtges, training notes, urban municipalities, wise prediction, • pixel, • train
Tyler Schulze
Senior Vice President at Veritone
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Netflix, Siri, aaron, aaron edell, accuracy number, ai, ai world, artificial intelligence, celebrities, conference expo, deployment options, emil ass, good job, hog features, human, inverse correlation, learning, level set, machine, machine learning, model training, operating system, practical, practical ai, practical al, process, recognize celebrities, tne past, training, training data, tyler schulze, validate results, validation set, veritone, wildlife populations
Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
Facebook, aaron edell, cloud, future, machine learning, time, Choice Hotels, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, NASDAQ, Netflix, PBS, Siri, YouTube, aaron, accuracy number, ai, ai world, allocating storage, artificial intelligence, big data, building, business, cases, celebrities, cloud computing, codelounge open, companies, conference expo, customers, data, data analysis, database, decide, deployment options, developer, developer experience, easier, emil ass, etc, excel spreadsheet, file, file format, files, format, future proof, good job, graymeta, hog features, human, implement, important, increasing, infrastructure, interesting, inverse correlation, jobs, kind, learn, learning, level set, long time, machine, make, metadata, model, model training, models, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, networking lunch, news, operating system, oracle, oracle cloud, oracle developers, people, platform, practical, practical ai, practical al, process, products, read, real tine, recognize celebrities, relates, rights database, shutter stock, single place, social media, spent, start thinking, storage, tailored, technology, thinking, tne past, training, training data, tyler schulze, usc, usc sca, validate results, validation set, variety, variety problem, velocity, veritone, vhs tape, video, video file, vnab, vnab 2016, volume, volume overtime, wildlife populations, years ago