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Steve Canepa
General Manager, Global Communications Sector at IBM
cic, cloud, cloud architectures, cloud innovation conference, cognitive, general manager, m&e, media, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, nab show, steve canepa ibm, video, vnab, vnab 2016
Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
Facebook, aaron edell, cloud, future, machine learning, time, Choice Hotels, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, NASDAQ, Netflix, PBS, Siri, YouTube, aaron, accuracy number, ai, ai world, allocating storage, artificial intelligence, big data, building, business, cases, celebrities, cloud computing, codelounge open, companies, conference expo, customers, data, data analysis, database, decide, deployment options, developer, developer experience, easier, emil ass, etc, excel spreadsheet, file, file format, files, format, future proof, good job, graymeta, hog features, human, implement, important, increasing, infrastructure, interesting, inverse correlation, jobs, kind, learn, learning, level set, long time, machine, make, metadata, model, model training, models, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, networking lunch, news, operating system, oracle, oracle cloud, oracle developers, people, platform, practical, practical ai, practical al, process, products, read, real tine, recognize celebrities, relates, rights database, shutter stock, single place, social media, spent, start thinking, storage, tailored, technology, thinking, tne past, training, training data, tyler schulze, usc, usc sca, validate results, validation set, variety, variety problem, velocity, veritone, vhs tape, video, video file, vnab, vnab 2016, volume, volume overtime, wildlife populations, years ago
Maria Checa
Motives Creative Consultant at Market America
2018, 25th anniversary, amazing, beautiful colors, bring, business, color, convert your spending into earning, cool, cool color, customers, ecommerce, entrepreneur, face, fashion, guys, kind, love, ma25, make, makes, makeup, market, market america, marketamerica, mawc, mawc2018, peach, pictures, play, print, product, sell, shop, shop.com, shopping, single color, time, trend, unfranchise owner, video, world conference, yellow
Sergey Khitrov
CEO at Listing.Help
Yelp, general partner, Adobe Systems, Amazon.com, IOS, Mastercard, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, date modified, managing director, & par, 1 blockchain, 31 october, Adobe Flash, Ambac, Android, Deutsche Telekom, Dropbox, Electrolux, FICO, Garmin Corp, Gartner, Glock, Google, Google Chrome, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft Office, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, People's Bank of China, Unix-like, VLC media player, Versace, Vim, Visa Inc., William Hill, YouTube, adwad group, age deck, approves €2, bear market, big problem, biggest, biggest event, blockchain, blockchain life, capital, cityads, collect, competition points, contact info, corporate finance, cpa : adwad, crypto, crypto currency, crypto exchange, crypto exchanges, crypto trade, cryptocurrency exchange, ctr, data center, devops engineer, digital asset, distributed nodes, due diligence, edward chen, ets capital, event, exchange, exchanges, exchanges suffered, exclusive channel, fake volume, final version, founder, friend, general, give, global impact, good, good exchanges, green button, guys, high, huge money, increase, information, institution account, invested money, investors, invite, iot space, jaz curacao, jets capital, kma, lease, life, life 2019, limited supply, lis elp, lis tir2, lis yee, listi ng, listing, listing projects, local communities, lose money, margin trading, maria stankevich, market, market forecasts, market makers, media noise, mln grants, money, neural networks, october, omputing •, paolo ganis, partner, partners, people, person, petersburg, photo, potential clients, potential investors, project, qr code, question, quick copy, real estate, road map, russia, saint, saint petersburg, sergei khitrov, silicon valley, slava rys, south korea, speech, stable coin, start, statistic shows, succeed, talk, thuobl global, token sale, united states, video, watch, интернет-реклама, круглый стол, сергей, участвуют представители компаний, хитров
Dmitriy Melnikov
Android Developer at TamTam
Android (operating system), Gmail, Google, Google Play, Intel, Nexus 5, Reddit, Samsung Galaxy S III, TomTom, Xiaomi, airplane mode, application, battery, battery consumption, battery historian, battery optimization, black screen, connection, consumption, energy, high, idle mode, life, measured, mining bitcoins, mode, phone, power, power consumption, question, research, save, screen, smart phone, special, thing, time ago, version, video, yandex maps