Microsoft Ignite 2018
September 27, 2018, Orlando, FL, USA
Microsoft Ignite 2018
Getting started with Azure DevOps
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Donovan Brown
Principal Cloud Advocate Manager of the Methods and Practices Organization at Microsoft

Donovan Brown is a Principal Cloud Advocate Manager of the Methods and Practices Organization in DevRel at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Donovan spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. Cloud Methods and Practices are his thing. Donovan has traveled the globe helping companies in the U.S., Canada, India, Germany, and the UK develop solutions using agile practices, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server in industries as broad as Communications, Health Care, Energy, and Financial Services. What else keeps the wheels spinning on The Man in The Black Shirt? Donovan's also an avid programmer, often finding ways to integrate software into his other hobbies and activities, one of which is Professional Air Hockey where he was ranked as high as 11 in the world.

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DevOps is about people, process, and products. Getting it all right requires effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. Microsoft has a fantastic set of products that can help you get the most out of the cloud with any language on any platform. In this demo-heavy keynote, Donovan Brown shows you how to go from "zero to DevOps" and help transform your team.

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So I get afternoon everyone. Let's try that again. Good afternoon, everyone. Perfect. Alright, so hopefully you saw the keynote. Hopefully you enjoyed it. What we're going to do now is dive deeper into the 5-minute dim on that. I did on stage and you can see all that we have available to you when it comes to Azure devops. I clearly have devops in my title. And one of the things that I get asked all the time is what in the world is devops even mean what was interesting is that I got to ask that question at Microsoft and if you go when you type

as your cam or Visual Studio. Com That was my answer when they ask me. What is devops mean bring me 30 days to write that sentence. I labeled over every word of it and I can defend every word of it has been publishing books. I'm extremely proud of it. But recently I saw this video that I wish I had seen before I leave for 30 days over this definition cuz to me this video was like dang that's where I was in my head space. That is what I think devops looks like before and after going to do right now, so I'm going to share this video with you

and we'll talk about the video after. But Holland comes in for a pit stop time to refuel and change Tire. No more himself changes the tire. Only for crew members including the driver are allowed to work on the car. It's a Pastime hollandaise Missy anxious to get away. Let's watch. The tires are change the blast a chrome and polish is the windshield as Holland moved away. 67 seconds after we stopped. When I saw that video like that's it. That's what your company can look like before and after you implement Eva and I'm very active on Twitter like I

mentioned before so I tweeted that video. What a my dismay a couple people said there was no value in the second pit. Stop freaking talking about right? How can you not see any more people in the second Pitstop? They just do people that the problem they didn't really solve any problem when the second person says, they didn't even read feel the car. There is clearly less value in the second. They did lift up and I just could not I couldn't get it. I'm so upset and I clearly had a visit with Miss like a physical reaction to this because my wife comes in my room

is what's wrong with you physically like they just don't get it and I'm like mumbling to myself. So there is a block quote of why this is a great analogy for piss up. But I want to talk to these first two people here and funny story. So I'm telling a story and I'm in England and I start talking about the second person in Summit in the room reacts like whatever I just ignore him. Forget the second guy in real life about the first one the increase in the number of people. I'm about to date myself and probably a few of you in

this room who remembers that little company called Compaq computers. Yeah. It's all the old people remember now, so they may I started back then writing Windows software. I'd Compaq computers. I remember as an engineer there when I was done writing softer. I Donovan Brown would walk into the production server room where all Production service work out a trade and type in my credentials. Right? I would change the registry. I would delete files. I would copy my files wherever they needed to go. Damn anything else running on that server, as long as my software ran when I was done. That

was a successful installation. It was me swinging a hammer. Add a tire if I was quick enough to run out of there before the IT guy realized it it was his problem afterwards. So you real fast and then all the sudden it's bear nightmare to keep it running. But all I had to do was getting so that was really me. Try that today. Most of us have no idea where the production servers are. We definitely do not have the passwords to that machine. We have Ops involved Deb's involved keyway is involved program management auditing security. There are literally more people involved in

two points offer today than ever in our history. So on that level it works perfectly. There are more people involved in two points off track, but I didn't see them at people. To me I saw them is automation continuous integration continuous delivery configuration is code infrastructure as code devops best practices just being teased together. That's what we do every day. We stream these together so that we can deliver software faster than we ever have before and that's what I saw might have thrown both levels at work the more I watch this the more to Perfect Analogy. I believe that devops

is about delivering value and to deliver value have to measure what you do even in your pipeline. You want to move as fast as you possibly can if you watch this again these two gentlemen here never move. They are monitoring a 3-second pit stop to figure out how they can make it a two and a half second Pitstop. You need to measure your pipeline. You need to measure the slowest part when you can remove that then do the exact same thing. You remember the first time you build a pipeline and it failed. The next thing is I was a man. I got to figure out a way to roll back, right? How can I

get rolled back into my pipeline? Cuz I didn't go the way that I wanted it to check this out first in the back Jack Jack septa back in the car at some point that must have failed. You know, why cuz that guy has a Jack to Right, that's exactly what we do in our deadlines 5.1 person just takes the tire off one person just put the tire on these microservices that we string together through faster than we ever have before to me is a perfect analogy for what we do today. From what we used to do. Let's talk about not refilling the car.

I believe this is like shifting left what I mean by that is we all got into the point to where they don't ever heard of the term code freeze all the developers of her code Freeze from the non-developers. That's basically a code word for please stop typing. Bright skin if you keep typing you keep creating bugs and we haven't counted the bugs you already have just go have a pizza party for just stopped typing. We have to go to QA QA beats on it and then mountains in mountains of bugs just come pouring down on us call technical debt. And then we do a bug bash and we ship it on whatever date we

were told to ship it regardless of the quality. How do we shift left what we did and he started designing equality into the product and stop bolting the quality on after which means you have to start writing unit test. You have to start shipping higher-quality code to get back to you quicker and air quality and I can't believe I believe that's exactly what they did hear. You find out what hurts most first you fix that and then go back in and analyze other parts of your process. So let's look at this pissed off again. Is refilling the car the part that hurts the most. No,

because even if we refilled the car in the second pit stop at the same rate that we did here we would be done in half the time, right? So revealing the car the person completely off the wax what you need to do is figure out how to change those tires faster and in my mind the way that this played out with a look at this pit stop and said man, if we can change those tires faster we can leave the pits 30 seconds fashion we do today and they figure it out now all

the sudden the person holding the gas is the bottleneck. Is there here for another 20 seconds and physics to go faster and get gas into the tank faster. They said what if we can eliminate the need to feel the car at all? Cuz those that are seeing this in saying they didn't refill the car. They didn't add value you are completely missing the point. The point is they did not have to refill the car because trust me if that car needed fuel to finish the race. They would have put fuel in the car. What they did is they started shifting left technology and innovations that allow them to go

further on left and completely eliminate the bottleneck all together and that's what we're trying to do every single day and you're devops pipeline find out what hurts most fix that and then go back and rinse and repeat so you can stop swinging a hammer at a tire and go to doing something more like this taking the value from the fingertips of your developers and put it into the hands of your users as fast as you possibly can. This is the goal of devops for all of us now if you get into my mindset you believe that their boss is this Devops is the union of people

process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. Most important word in that sentence is value. I did not say software. Why didn't version 1 and then I realize that software is really not our goal. It's not about them getting the feature off the top of your product backlog. It is about delivering value to your end users and why that's so important cuz you can deliver a value without changing a single line of your software. We all know what Black Friday is Cyber Monday Falls it people are coming to your website. Are your websites ready for that traffic?

And if they're not do I have to change my software to get them ready know I can have my infrastructure teams going then we can dance to stain or more users and actually keep the response times down keep our customers happy deliver value without changing a single line of our software. So stop thinking about What software is about focusing on delivering value know when you get all your people all wearing about the one thing they start to work together? Lots of people think devops doesn't work because they're Devin drops almost work

against each other operations. I want to keep the service lights on Deb's. I want to change the service as much as I possibly can. I have an awesome person and incentivize to keep the lights on the way to do that is to stop you from changing it. You see the problem there you get a big bonus by keeping the lights on the server on so you got to do whatever it takes to get that big bonus. I add the developer get a big bonus when I continuously add new features and you stand in my way. However, if we were both incentivize the same way if the goal was value to our end users, we

would start to work together because to get the big bonuses we would have to work together. We got to get your people on board. You got to get your people a line in the people is the hardest part of this definition. Because you were here and I hope you'll leave this session energized excited and motivated to go do these amazing things and use the tools and I'm about to show you but when you get back to work all your peers that are not here, they're going to do it exactly the same way. They've always been doing cuz it's comfortable. It's familiar. They know it. He'll I don't like

change if I have another job is good Miss Lord, you know what? I mean? It's like I just don't want to learn anymore by my brain is full but we've got to be willing to do that. We all hate change, but we got to get them to realize that if we don't do this We are going to lose you. Remember the sounds of the cars slapping the other car while they're in the pit. Stop that's you when you people don't get this we have the process. We all know it scrum. Kanban. We know how to do this. And we have the product and I'm going to show you a whole bunch of them here in just a moment, but we got to get your

people on board cuz it's all about delivering value. So how can Microsoft help one of the ways that we can help is with Azure itself. It's an extremely flexible platform. We have passed we have is we have service. However, you want to move if you want to lift and shift into knock yourself out. Do me a favor and do yourself a favor don't get comfortable in my ass. That is not the Holy Grail of a cloud. That is a stepping stone. That is your way to get your toe wet in the pool. I want the cloud is about but you need to make sure that you're thinking about passion thinking about

service issue thinking about infinite scale and you don't get that happened to patch a VM. It's still your BM fellows and ladies. Patch it. You're still going to get that stupid things and please reboot the server so that we can apply the patches that's bad. But with serverless with bad, you don't have that but we have a flexible clouds that will allow you to figure it out as you go and even have some of your things on for him and some of them in the cloud whatever you need. We have the flexibility to do that for you. It's extremely powerful everytime Scott gets on stage and talks about

how many reasons we have is double the last time you got on stage and said that we have more power than you're ever going to need. Right? So we have a very powerful clouds and it's completely open. I see a couple familiar faces in the room and I'm sorry to hear me say this one more time, but we can do this for any language Target in any platform that is not bluffing that is not marketing. That is the truth. So we have an open platform that is extremely powerful and flexible to help you get into the cloud. Now what you going to need is some technology to help you get there when I start

thinking about devops. I want you to be very honest with me right now when I'm not going to shame you about this how many of you work in a development shop that does not have continuous integration enables right now, okay. I want every one of you to go back to work next week and Implement continuous integration and do not try to convince the others. Why because that's where you're going to lose. They've been doing it the same way forever. We don't need continuous integration and I'm not going to give you the time to go figure it out. You know how long it would take you to

figure out less than 15 minutes. Right. So why are you going to spend hours trying to convince people when you can be done in 15 minutes and no one even know that you did it if I want to team A50 developers all committing to the same repository. If I ever make an equation do any of them have to know the answer is no they don't have to know but they will know that will first Monday they come into work and you're still coding but they all did it get latest and they're all broken right now because Donovan broke the bill before he went home on Friday, right? We've all been in that if you do

not have and now you're broken and you're waiting for that person to get into work fix the bill so that you can pull the code again and get back to work again. If you had continuous integration. However, that code would have been downloaded immediately to a virgin machine and it would have tried to compile it for you and it would have failed it would have sent you an alert saying you do not want to do a get latest. So I Monday morning when I come into work, I don't do it get latest. I'm still productive why everyone else is circling the water cooler

bitching and moaning about Donovan and they got me wondering like how where is Jeff? Why is Jeff still working there going to go over to Jeff? Like didn't tell me what to do to get laid his dumb and broke the pill. How do you know that? Well. It always makes us both sides that but besides that I have to have a CI system that I set up that sent me an alert. Can I can I get in on that? Is there any way that you can send me an alert? Absolutely. So you completely change the conversation you don't try to go convince people who never done something that is valuable. You just go do it

because we'll let you do it for free in as soon as it keeps you working in them not they're going to want to figure out how you did that and it changes the entire conversation. So when you have to do the right thing for your company, don't go ask permission to do it. Just go do the right thing cuz you can do it for free and it only take you a few minutes. Once you are now producing increments of ship of a code packages that connects to be compiled and now you're going to be wanting to deploy it and that's where it gets tricky lot of people don't know how to do that. But luckily Azure

pipelines was I'll be showing you here in just a minute has that capability built-in as well? You don't take whatever it is that you built. It could be a power cell model. You want to deploy to the power show Gallery it to be a Docker image that you wanted to put a kubernetes. But you wanted to put a tomcat they can be anything that you want to deploy we will take it from you and we will deploy to any infrastructure you want hours or somebody else's when I say any language any platform. I'm not just talking about Azure inside of the devops. Azure devops. Marketplace is an

extension for AWS. If you have a hybrid Cloud where you want some of your assets in one and some of them are definitely in another week and asked you to point to both of them for you using our toolset. Fun fact, you will not find an Azure task in their tool set. Our tools are better as well. Remember the two gentlemen that didn't move that just monitored that pit stop and learn what they can do faster. You got to do that in your pipe lines as well the definition of done at Microsoft for the visual studio team Services team. The now academic team is running and monitoring in production.

So when we say something is done, it has been deployed into production and we have gotten to the Limit tree back from it letting us know that people are using it that is a very mature definition of done. Most of us the code complete unit test pass. It's in the master Branch, but we're like, no you're not done until it's running and production and we can see the Telemetry coming from that features cuz that lets us learn. If you take five files into poison to a server and nobody access is those five files. Did you deliver value know you just copy five random files to a server

that no one seems to give a crap about right that's not value value is when people use it and get what they need from it. And the only way that you can determine that is if you monitor the application while it's being used and just because no one uses it doesn't necessarily mean they're not valuable but maybe the navigation is not intuitive. Maybe they can't find it maybe need to put marketing dollars behind it to make sure people are aware of it. Whatever the case might be with cool. If you're monitoring it is you can go put the marketing dollars behind it and see if it move it

move the needle or not. Cuz the marketing helped or maybe we go and change the navigation a little bit and see if more people find it but you're not getting any more on if what you're doing is valuable or not. You have metrics that let you know that that is indeed valuable. How many you are agile? I think I already made you a Joe. How many of you had a marketing person? I had to beat up the marketing people but come into your office screaming at the sky is falling you got to stop what you're doing in this speech is going to make us a million bucks. And what do you do with the death you move

Heaven and Earth push all these deadlines you make that feature work. Did you add value? Are you all rich now? Right? They can still say we did the right thing. But if you actually had to limit re monitoring that feature and you just moved Heaven and Earth to put into production and as a developer now, you can do that. I will add your future for you, but I'm going to put Telemetry and then it tells me every time is actually used. So the next time you come into my office screaming about what I got to do I can pull up the street that says you're full of crap. Because last time I did what you

said I had to do four people use this out of the millions of people that use our website and I have the Telemetry to back that up again use that too immature to your advantage when Azure devops weak like 7 tb22 Elementary every day of all of you using our tools and we Analyze That to make sure that what we're delivering to use high quality invaluable to you. Introducing Azure devops AKA bsts we did more than just rebranded. What we've allowed you to do is use as much or as little of it as you'd like. We got a lot of feedback from people. Hey our coats and get Hub.

We don't need to repost we're already using issues effectively. We don't need your workout and tracking but every time I go into your tool there's this navigation that's confusing. People don't know where to go. I wish I could streamline your navigation to only have the features enabled and I intend to use and that's exactly what we decided to do. So now the only want one of these pieces you can take it. But I'm a firm believer that yes, he's individual tool is great on its own, but they're better together. But if you want to use Jenkins because you have a huge investment in Jenkins,

it don't want to throw that away. I completely understand that and you can actually plug Jenkins in part of our pipelines and still use our test plan still use our artifact still use our unlimited private repost for free. If you're paying for private repos, you need to be on Azure devops already cuz I can save you money tomorrow just move your Repose and it's free. We do not charge you for those few want to use our as your boards. We should I work out of tracking amazing kanban board task board product backlog the whole nine yards for you to play in your application. You can do that and if you

string them all together you get traceability like you've never seen before. I can go and find a bug and I can tell you every line of code that was changed every build that was triggered every release that was run in what environment it is currently in if you use all of it together by their the benefit to doing it, but you don't have to start you don't have to rip and replace what you have. It's a very scary think what I would encourage you to do is find the one part of your pipeline. That is the bottleneck that one part of your pipeline to give you that anxiety, you know, that little

funny feeling you're getting your stomach what you're doing and appointment is it man if it's going to mess up it's going to do it right there. Got for you and fix that one problem cuz we'll talk to whatever you want to on either side of us. You want to use Gera you want to use GitHub you want to use to get lab you want to use selenium you want to do something else but plug us and where it hurts the most LLC fix that for you and hope they will happen over time is you going to learn to build confidence and what it is that where do here at Microsoft Office Team uses Azure devops to build

a journal. Is really weird Inception thing that we actually use is the first one to get all the new production changes. That's how you get the quality up. If you threw up you can't come to work tomorrow. So you better not screw up and what's really crazy is the incense that we use installed himself on top of itself over freaking using it and how that happened in un-freakin'-believable. But that's how much we trust our tools and we hope that you'll learn to trust your tools as well. Now again, it says it right there plain as day any language any platform

for years and I remember the first times I said it someone's tweet at me like any language bring it the spot. I still do VB6 like really like sorry for that. But okay dude one post on how to use bsp at the time with VB6, you know the hardest part installing bb6. It doesn't want to install on any modern OS right by had like half the blog post and how to get baby 6 months old, but once I did I can do all the devops best practices with it, right? So again when I say any language, I really mean it when I

say any platform. I mean it we are the only provider of a CI system that gives you Mac OS Linux and windows all of them posted for you in the cloud. You know what you have absolutely nothing. You don't have to have any resource machine under your on your desk. You don't need anything. You just give us your code and we will build it on any platform that you want. And that's the power. That's what it's gotten so many people excited. How many of you going to get Hub got into a repository and found two or three llamo files for the build most of us. They have one for Advair.

They have one for Travis one for the circle cin1 for someone else why because to get to all the platforms. They had to use several different services with me. They had to be billed by several different people just so they can reach Mac Linux and windows and now you can get them all with one yellow file one yellow file to rule them all delete the others great one and we were running on any platform that you want. I'll show you some examples of that here in just a second because I happened to write a Powershell module. I'm very proud of it. Thanks a lot of help some of my kin. My contributors

are here in the audience. We just went over a hundred thousand downloads of this Powershell module, which is the most popular Powershell module 4B STS in the marketplace right now, and I basically build on Mac windows and Linux. Because funny enough casing means nothing to us in the windows World means everything in the Linux and macron, right and I had path assembly would not work right functions that we had written that only worked on one platform and not the other but we're using that I was able to test them all of them and knew that when I shifted everyone who downloaded it on any

platform was going to be successful. I'll show you some of those pipelines here in just a second. These tools expand what were able to do in the address ecosystem it again do not rip and replace if you already like ansible in a successful I encourage you to keep using it you're already using she can you get with it. I encourage you to keep using it just find that one part that hurts and let us help you there then eventually I hope we can help you everywhere if using puppet I mean for using and what's the other one octopus and you like it knock yourself out. I hired Damien Brady from

octopus deploy. If you need help with it. I actually have a guy on my team who can help you with it, right? You want to use Chef I hired Stephen rescue right out of Chef you need help with that. I have a guy on my team who's an expert in that so we are here to help you regardless of the tools in which you use I used to make fun of Jenkins and now I embraced Jenkins right because I don't care if you're running it and I'm here to help that's the only requirement here. So how in the world do you get started with this new thing called Azure devops? Let me get find the right browser here 222

and that's going to be this one here. So first place that you can go is a for devops is going to take you to a place like this. This is a great place to go. If you've never use our service before if you've already used our service just go to Dev. what'll happen, then it'll bring you into an experience where you can see all of the organization in the account that you've already used for example here. So this is my black shirt account in on the left hand side as every other account that I have all over the world that I'm a contributor in and you also notice

that are on this page here. There's different number of a dots on each one of those projects. So if I were to go and look at these projects, you see this one has all the services enabled this one on the other hand called my Express only have pipelines enable and here I basically have pipelines boards and test if I want to turn on attorney's office going to express for example, so this is just a node js express application and if I drill in here, you'll see my Navigation to side basically just has overview and pipelines

Target off the services that you don't need as you start to mature and use the tool you might turn more and more of these on but it what it does now is allows you to streamline your user interface that's really easy for you to get started another way that you can get started on the marketplace, which is what I show today and our demo inside of the GitHub Marketplace under either continuous integration or continuous deployment. You're going to find Azure devops pipeline

switch is a portion of azure devops. You can just add this to your account and then bill it to whatever organization inside your account you want and you get 10 concurrent pipelines unlimited build minute on Mac windows and Linux for absolutely free if you have a public repo Will not charge you for everything that I just said Mac OS Linux Windows 10 concurrent pipeline in unlimited build minute on all of our host resources. Absolutely for free for all your GitHub a public Repose. It's insane

This Is Us doubling down when are open source commitment to the world. So getting started very easy you go to Azure. Com devops or if you already have an account go to Dev. Some person asked me earlier. So Donovan, what's the path for all of us that are to use VST S&R doing account. Visual Studio. Come? What do we have to do? You don't have to do anything eventually all those will magically turned into Deb. Com account name. As a matter of fact, you can type that right now in all your accounts will still continue to work in any accounts. You make tomorrow. You can

still type in account. Business do not come if you wanted to and it would work as well and we have to stay that way for backwards compatibility for some time, but lots of tools out there that know the Old format and not the new one yet. So don't worry. There's nothing that you have to do know the other question that was asked was but I don't see all the cool stuff that you showed in my bsp. How do I get that? You click on your face or not? And you come over here to preview features. These are feature toggles that you control yourself. So if you're not seeing the new navigational your

bsts account and you want to just click on your face and want to drop down drop it down pick new navigation and you can I can do this at two different levels for yourself. But if you have an entire organization there certain things that you can turn on on the organ level as well hire black shirt account. There's other features that I might want to talk o on or off. This is very valuable information for us. Remember the Monitor and learn we monitor every time someone turns one of these on and more importantly we monitor when they turn it back off because that lets us know they didn't like

what they saw and we need to go back in to do some more work and we don't four seas features upon anyone until 90% of the people turn it on and leave it on that. Lets us know that we've gotten the feedback that we need. So feel free to turn on these features. If yours hasn't already switch to Deb. A. Com account and you can start having the same experience as the rest of us. That is how you get started options for you. Azure boards, this is a workout him tracking. So this is where you'll be able to kanban boards capacity planning task board product backlogs the whole

nine yards. So when you want to plan your work, this is where you would go to plan your work. It's different than issues and GitHub. It doesn't get operation just to text box type whatever you want inside there. And then you tag it to death to try to figure out if it's a feature or for the bug or whatever the case might be inside of our tool. There's actually a kind of pipe called a bug and another one called a task. So there is no need for you to tag it to figure out what it is. It is actually traded as the type. It's supposed to be and what's really powerful about that. I know that you're

creating a bug there certain questions. I need to know the answers to what are the steps to reproduce. What was your expected outcome so I can ask you questions if I know you're reporting a bug which I don't need to ask me if I know that you're asking for a picture. What is the acceptance criteria? What is the business value of a completely different conversations? I want to have depending on the type of item that we have and are anatomy of these items actually change per individual item. That's good. No, but your item doesn't look quite like I wanted to look likely you can customize it now

they can go in there. So, you know what is closed but I wish it had this extra tasks. You can actually add those field to our online product now and customize it to fit your team to a team before you do that. I would encourage you to learn why we created the task the shape that we did because there's a lot of history and a lot of engineering went into why we created the bug that look the way that it does the product backlog item. Look the way that it does and I would encourage you before you customize it to learn why we did that and if you truly come to the realization that no, I

understand why you did it. We still need it to knock yourself out and customize it. I just met way too many customers will customize themselves into a corner right and just Lyrics are migrating from this old tool to this new tool cuz you don't like the old tool but I'm a customized via tears into the old tool and I'm like, I don't understand why you left then right? Cuz Lily this form is exactly like the old one. What was the point to make sure you understand why we made the decisions that we make this is going to be a fun one because what I'm going to show you here is not just any old boards.

I'm inside Ms. Ang. It says right there that is Microsoft engineering the stuff. I am showing you now or actually where the team's work that build Azure devops. There's 50 of them across the world. Some of them are in Raleigh North Carolina. Some of them are in Redmond Washington. We're headquartered and some of them are in Hyderabad India. All 50 feature teams have boards very similar to this one that basically is the status of their work and it's all driven by our bill definitions are work items. You see how many bugs are assigned to each individual who is lagging behind and

needs to get to work the bug activity the trends and this is a dashboard and you can completely customize through widgets that we have available for you. They locked me out of this one so I can see it but I can actually share with you on this information. These are just widgets that come from extensions and our Marketplace and you can write your own widget. So if you have some third-party to lure some back office to that you like to stir Information inside of azure devops you can actually do that or running your own widget and then we can drag and drop it right here on car

dashboard and make a really cool Rich experience. The reason I started two years because this ties into our backlog. So here is the actual backlog. So if you don't mind don't take a picture of this the only reason is because that is really our backlog and some of the stuff is not ready to be shipped. So I wanted to show you that we really do use this so we can memorize as much as you want. But please don't take a picture and give me in trouble and all we have to do to do. Sprint on the right hand side if I wanted to I can expand this because he's sometimes have tasks underneath as we have down

here at the bottom that one item breaks down into a lot of different tasks and we can do this at different levels. So if you wanted to go back up and see the scenario the features or the stories we can do that so you can build a hierarchy of what your plan looks like going forward into the future. And then once you get into a Sprint free and you get another board and this board here allows another background, excuse me, this backlog allows me to see exactly what it is that working on I can come in here which is kind of cool and set the capacity for all of my different team members. What role

they play on my team that start to map our estimates against our availability to see if we actually over packed for that particular very very good success implemented something called a focus factor, which is one of my more popular scrum books that are read and to go to Donovan search for scrum books does one of them with the title in the trenches in the title. Book is fantastic talks about Focus Factor. If you can get a grasp on the focus Factor be three individuals that you're estimating go through the roof. It's becomes really really accurate and I use this tool to figure

that out on my individual teams, and I've used it to great success. We also have a task board for each individual Sprint that we can see exactly what's going on a Sprint. What does assigned to it? We can drag-and-drop this information we can go back in and do whatever we need to move the stuff across and there is another back rub just to get some idea of the scale in which we can use the kanban boards to move across we can customize all of the column you can see the top of fractions as fractions are called whip limit work in progress and it's a kanban concept where you can not put

anything else in the column until you get something else out of the column. What's the number to Matt's right? It sounded like a child who has candy in the mouth of the still trying to grab more candy, like finish the peace in your mouth and I'll give you another piece. That's what we're trying to do during Engineers. Stop grabbing new task. Is the task that you're on the end of the Sprint what we have is all these Half Moon 1 hour left on them because you kept getting bored and grab something out that you didn't finish this forcing them to finish work before they can start a new work and you

can control all of that in a matter fact you're over there with limit right here already, so we'll have to talk about that later. That is bad. What are Borg extremely flexible customizable? So you can make them fit your team like a glove which is really important as your pipeline hands down. My favorite part. We're going to spend most of her time as your pipeline that also think it's the part that people are most interested in this is what you can get inside of your GitHub repositories is RCI CD and again any language any platform is the key here, you lots and lots

of examples I'm not going to teach you how to set it up that simple and you see what you show really doesn't spark people's imaginations. So what I'm going to do for you is I'm going to show you some really wicked bills that I've done some really crazy deployment that I've done just as like open your mind. Like these are the possibilities of what you can do with this tool not here's how you doing. Hello world build that anyone can figure out what I'm going to show you some of the stuff with you internally and I'm going to show you some of the stuff that I've done personally as well. Is

extensible this is the part that I didn't everyone understand the task that we used to perform all of the actions of part of your build. You can actually going to download all the code that makes those tasks real. It's in a good Hub repo just search for bsts task and get home and you'll see it is the first one that popped up every single time and go take a look around see how the task actually work. That's how I learned to write task myself. I just called the repo found at a that was really close to what I wanted and started looking at it and then I modified it and then I was able

to privately put it back into my own bsts account at the time and start using my cool new task. And then once I got popular enough very proud to say that two of my task made it back into the box, right? My manager saw wasn't it while we need those do Monarch course, I don't mind and then I was sitting there part of the product. You can do the same thing cuz we accept her request against the repository that are Tasker in so if you're ahead of the game or you Passionate about rust are really passionate about go and we don't have the tasks that you need don't wait on us. Right just go clone a

repo make the change and submit a poor Quest we can accept it and then you can take that with me right in front of that task and realize that you had an impact on the entire world that they sensibility is the most important part of this particular slide. Do not wait on us. You can fix this stuff yourself. You wouldn't be able to play repeatedly and what's really cool to see is just the Catalyst that gets all of this stuff moving but CDs were most of our customers are struggling lots of us are now producing increments of shippable code. That's the goal of every Mary Sprint increment

of shippable code. How many of you actually shipping that code has to go down all the time still takes us months weeks to get that code into production like why Are obscene doesn't trust us? They keep telling his horse was in this guy Donovan. I would just run out of the room after you finish the points off to it there still Burn by that. So they don't let us do it ourselves. And what we need to do is teach them to trust the tools. Don't trust a human being to do a machines job and Ira Ira leave management is freaking awesome and I'll show you some of the crazy stuff that I'm

done with the release management. I have an environment that has 63 environments on it. It's mind-boggling when I was able to do those are all tests. But if you get through there 3 hours later. Code is Rock Solid and I can push it into production in know it's going to run now. It's supposed to take a look around Azure Pipelines. So I'm going to take you here. So this is one of my project. I love the demo. It's called people tracker. It started off as a simple MVC application with an Azure SQL database and as we had a new functionality,

I had a new functionality was databases a lot of people know, how do I do change management on my database because when I added a new feature it might have changed the scheme of my database and I don't have to do that manually while my front end is being deployed automatically. I want to deploy the entire solution as one entity. So that's good. So add a database to the project and then it has app service in it. That's a database in it as a mobile app in it and I build it with one bill definition for Mac. I build it for iOS Android

Docker image database project selenium tests all with one build not three or four or five build all having to come together because I have the ability to build them all those platform. This is one bill definition. all of that, for example I broke in my build into what we call phases. So 1 phase at UC school in by now just called Mobile on Mac. The second phase is web on Windows. And the third phase is Docker on Linux. But this is one bill definition. So I'm not trying to juggle them around. I'm not trying to orchestrate them. All I say is I made a change to one of these

pieces or all of these pieces. I need them all to build because they are phases in the same build they run in parallel. So I've separated the code out such that I don't have to wait for the windows part to build to start building my mobile app. I don't have to wait for the mobile app to build to start building my Docker container. So instead of having three sequential build, I have three parallel build from done in a fraction of the time but I'm not then having to say get parts from build a and get parts to build be in bits parts from build see into my release its only one build in all the

artifacts. I get published get pumped into my release that I can then go into Port. So this is the power of what I'm talking about here. I'm here and you can see I have all these different agents. Many of them are hosted as you can see here. We have hosted hosted Linux preview Mac OS and Bun to and then we have this new windows container one Chris Pattison going to be mad at me that I showed that everyone take a picture of that and we can be mad at me again. That wasn't supposed to show that but I tweeted he got mad. So if you tweeted Furious would be hilarious. Where am I going to have all

these cool feature Flags turned on so I see something for the people see stuff. What am I supposed to do? And then what I did down here so these are all hosted for you in the cloud and we give you access to all of these particular machine and then down here. We have something called private private are those that I actually installed myself. Why would I want to do this? Let's say for example that you have code that you need to deploy on Prim behind your firewall. You can't use our host of machines to do that or they can't appear inside your firewall and get behind there and do stuff. But

what you can do, which is really awesome. If you can take our agent and installed it on a machine behind your firewall, right and then I'll look out at vs. PS4 there anything for me to do if you're absolutely is please go do this appointment for me. It behind your firewall and grab the code off of a machine that's behind your firewall. He wouldn't take that coat over to that machine behind your firewall write your IP never sees the internet's but you're using the orchestration available to you from Azure devops and Azure pipelines just really really cool. And that's what I've

done here machines actually run in azure. Donovan why did you use private agent if you could have had the host of Ages couple other reasons you can do this are hosted agents don't have all the latest and greatest bits Bethany alphabets because these are shared resources and we can't risk them being messed up because you put on some bleeding edge version of dotnet core that just not ready for production and then which bring it on all of our service. So we're always going to be a little bit behind on the tools that are going to be on those machines. But if you stand up your own machine,

you can install whatever tools on it that you want. That's what I had to do for bb6 cuz trust me. None of our house is such a mess Bebe 6 on it, right? So what I did I set up my own private I bought it and I put on bb6 and then I told vs he had to use that agent and it said cool and then on there was bb6. Exe whatever the compiler is bbx BBC. I think it is was on there is a cool. I'll use this to build your bb6 packages for you. We can go into point buck. Awesome. Reminder in Azure. How do I say this because I work at Microsoft. I have a really really cool as your account

that I've never seen the bill for so I build really really big machine machines are really bad. So that's why I use my own private build machine. So there's lots of advantages to use privatization. So I'm glad we talked to you and you get to run one private agent for free, right so you there's no cost to that. So if you want it, you only get one for free though. So what'll happen if there's a default pool they can create whatever pools you want. You can install an AC is running an Azure or if it's running on Prim it will happen is we won't charge you any minutes for

that machine so you can build as much as you want. So please take advantage that I have a blog post on why I think private agent are awesome and there I think you're really cool. But I love also but I wanted you to see the flexibility that you have when it comes to agent pools in the things that you can do with them. How this is our built and her to go back. So this is a graphical representation of my build. What I did on stage today was yamo. A lot of people like him how many people do not see the point of BMO builds be honest. So I was you probably

6 months ago. So I thought why the graphical user interface this is what I freaking want. It's so easy to edit. Why would he animal makes sense? And then what I learned was when you need it the light bulb comes on why I needed the one we had on our team my team to call Billy and we have our own public website and our rule is for you to get code into Master at Hofstra. First Paso por Quest carpool request builds the code. So what happened is I made such a drastic changes to the code. I had to change the build definition for to pass. So now I have a chicken-and-egg. I

can't go change the bill definition cuz there's other poor Quest coming behind me or even in front of me that need the bill to look the way that the bill looks today. So I change the bill definition for myself. Just so that my PR Wolfpack. I'll be breaking everyone else is or how do you get that change in there man? I wish I had it in Yamhill instead because the gamble definition would have been in the repo itself, which means I can change the build. However, I wanted to and then when I committed my pool request, my bill definition would have been used to build my coach yet. Not break.

Everyone else's bills by. So for those of you who didn't raise your hands with didn't understand the point of mammal. That's one of the points in the animal rights that you can actually have it move with your code. The other thing is that you can review the changes and now they're version version control. It's really a powerful concept. Once you get over the fact that it doesn't look cool like that. I'm going to have the best of both world. So what I do and I come in here I drag and drop and giggle as much as I want but I'm building my my Pipeline and I love this user interface then when I

do and I scroll up here to the top and I choose my Pipeline and I say show me the yellow that is this Pipeline and what is going to do is it actually going to show me all the code that I would write that would be the yamo for this particular thing and I copied and pasted it and I act like I'm a bad ass. Look what I did. It was easy what happens when you need to modify this? How do you do that? Cool? I'm glad you asked what your to Bio-Rad the individual thing that you need and then you can export just bat. Yahm apart and then copy that and paste it into your axle.

Jama fault that you're using as part of your repository this way I get the best of both worlds. I get a nice rich graphical user interface to do my editing but I get the power and flexibility of a Jama built. So I wanted to make sure that you knew that you could actually export Justin yamel for the tasks that you're on you don't always have to export mean Are thing over and over again? That's really cool stuff to see I park let's talk about the continuous deployment part as well. So here I want to scroll down to yes to this is a pipeline. After I

build the docker container after I build a database project how many of you are using SQL Server? How many of you keep your hands up how many of you know an SSD t stand for for your hands. If you don't know what it means write happy put him down and put your hands down ssgt stands for SQL Server data tools. It is Microsoft's best kept secret right is a technology that we've been giving away for free and nobody freaking knows it exists. So what it does is it allows you to version the scheme of your database into a project inside of Visual Studio that you can act upon it as part of

your debit pipeline. You remember the days where I would make a change to the database so I dragged my ultra script and then they would make his change to the database and even write his office script and then married Nick and cheese and she's right or alter screen and then we would send all these Ultra strips to RDV a they would bless the right to run it for us and then realized they were the key off and letting you know all hell breaks loose. Stop writing your own altar scripture when ssdt allows you to do is to extract all of those objects from your SQL server and put them inside of

visual studio and you can see them now and you can modify them there and then you can meet them with the cheese that you're making. So when I commit my code to add a new column, you can actually see the sequel changes that are going to change my database as part of the change itself. And then this to take care of making sure that my database that I pointed that looks like it needs to look without me ever writing a line of alter anything. It's brilliant brilliant stuff and actually use it as part of this demo. Nobody would I do if I show you this app the app has middle name first name and

last name? But no middle name it we basically put a middle name in the app on stage while you're using it and you never seen Aaron and I live in change the database out from underneath you the docker containers the mobile app. Everything is really really cool stuff in the way that I do that they have these tasks. So you still had those are all pulling from that one bill definition. And what we do is run the same 12-pack in Deb and QA and prod just change and configuration settings. So you can see here. The first thing that we do is we use a practice called infrastructure as code that

is where you take the definition of the environment upon what you want to run your application and you codify it into a text file in our case. We're using arm which is azure resource manager templates. It's just a big giant Baba Jason that says hey, how's your I need an app server database? And I just said you already have what you need is a great. Thanks for checking and then I'm out and I go to the next or says I need this ago. I don't have that yet. Let me go provision that for you and I'm going to give you back all the access that you need to that new environment that the next pack

in your build actually complete successfully. So that's called infrastructure as code. You should not have to go into the ender portal and click around anywhere to stand up a new server to set up a new app service to set up a new database doing is defining that infrastructure in a file that is enforced control. And then let our tools act upon that for you. If everything is the way it's supposed to be it'll be a no up if anything is out of line. It will automatically fix it for you. We've all been there where the app is working perfectly and all the sudden it's not then you realize

someone went on to the server manually check the box. They weren't supposed to check out the needle in the haystack try to figure out what in the world did someone changed that broker at but if you had infrastructures code, even if I went in there and unchecked that box if I run that build again, it'll go back and put everything the way it supposed. My Applebee up instantly no more needle in a haystack infrastructures code is crucially important that Pat would like to digital fingerprint of the

schema for my database. Please take it and apply it to the database. I pull you at right now add a run time. I do a comparison between the schema in the production date in the scheme of the dacpac and then I right and I'm talking I as in the tool itself all the changes necessary to bring your new database into line with the schema without losing a single line of data really cool stuff like take out the data put into a temp table go and rebuild the table and cut it all the data back into the table after was like so I don't think about any of that stuff to make the change and if

it cannot it will air out and say know what you're trying to do is too drastic. I cannot do this for you. This demo is currently using a my own Docker host just running on a Linux machine in Azure. I will upgrade this eventually to kubernetes. So those two tasks that you see that it's a stop image and run image will go away to just do something like a Helm update for a coupe Kind of Love by whatever it is I decide to do for my kubernetes cluster, but what I'm doing my run the new image for me and then down below I have web services

that are running inside of app service inside of azure. And what I'm doing there is actually swapping slots. How many of you are familiar with app service and when using up service how many views in 2.4 lies mostly be good. So for those were not using appointment slots, I encourage you to start investing in them because what it allows you to do is a zero downtime deployment. How many of you were using that raise your hands. So you're doing xcopy deployments, right? So when is that happening is while your ex copying if you don't use the appointment slots your customers cannot use

your site. You should put Offline be right back. We're making it more better. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience kind of crap. Right you put that sign up and in the background you're copying files as fast as you possibly can into that server. And then what you do is you take the phone down and then finally everyone can access your site problem is when that follows up. You can't access your side either so did all the files copied correctly is everything going to run 220 so fingers crossed, let's take the page down and see holy crap. It didn't work. But the pain back

right and all the sudden it was just we were just joking April fools like we'll be back in a minute and you got to go figure out. How do I troubleshoot a problem that I can't even see cuz the only way to see this let my entire customers to you as well. That's where Azure app service has a thing called a deployment slot. So what we do is we give you a mirror image of your production side behind your production site that your customers cannot see but you so they're still using V1 while you're trying to deploy V2 into the into the staging slot take as long as you

want. Your customers are still happily using your application. Once it safely deployed into the staging spot. You can start running smoke test and let Miss test against the application make sure it's actually even going to load that everything looks good. And if you like it you simply swap the two IP address zero downtime deployment your customers and none the wiser agency new features. Come on as exactly what I'm doing with that series of tasks right there. I'm going to I'm a little more cautious than most if you've ever used appointment slots, and then I got an error deploying to your slot

because a file was in locked write a lot of missing that dll be locked pain in the butt because you basically have to bounce that and then try your deployment again. Luckily. None of your customers are upset because they're still doing it on an appointment slot. But I do instead cuz I stopped deployment slot. That takes everything out of memory and then I copy the files there knowing I will never have a foul like issue because there's nothing in memory right now. Then I turned that slot back on and let it warm up before I swap them. So they see can guarantee that I would never have

an Eric. If you do have that are I recommend this pattern is actually documented on my block as well. Then I go back in I run selenium test because this is a mobile application involved I go back and I actually use what used to be called hockeyapp. It's now inside of apps in her to distribute beta copies of my Android and my iOS application to my testers they open up their phone. They touch my app and it gives them a notification saying hey, there's a new version of that app. Would you like to go and start testing it and they can download it without being Tethered to anyting download the

new version just like it came from the app store. They can start using it. I can start collecting and I can't even go back in and start crushing collecting crash analytics and all kinds of cool stuff. The very last task there is where we take the mobile application and we deployed into what we call our test cloud. In Denmark, I got to go see this room is pretty cool in Denmark. There is a data center that has shelf after shelf after shelf of every phone you could ever imagine and they're all just sitting there all plugged in waiting to run a test and it just so happens when I let into the

room and Denmark one of the screen is lit up and we got to see this tool install the customers application or the phone wake up start using the application and then report all the status back to Azure devops. So you're actually testing on real hard work. These are not simulators. They are not emulators user axle phone just sitting there waiting to do your bills 24 hours a day is kind of neat little on a date of thing that we have in Denmark repeat this exact same building that changes is all the machine names are different,

but you want to do the exact same thing in one environment to the next environment do not change what you do whatever environment could you didn't learn anything from the first environment? The whole point is I've done this so many times that. By the time I get to Productions have 100% confidence is going to work cuz I started working death. I saw it working QA I start working staging so I'm going to do the exact same things in production. We're going to be successful. If you change what you do in every environment the only time you know, if it's going to work in production is when you

finally deported production and that's not when you want to figure out it's not going to work. So what you noticed he was the exact same 12 tasks in billed as it isn't easy way to make myself a hypocrite because in production it's only slightly different because we're not deploying are mobile apps to individuals are now publishing them to the store. Right? And when you go to the store that is production, that's the end of the game, right? So this is a weird exception and I had to do it in two different stages because the Apple play only works on Mac, but everything else I was able to do on

Windows, but it's really nice to have a Dev environment with as many stages I need to do to be able to effectively deploy my application. I didn't have to have a day. No, this is pride and pride involved all of these cool things here as well. Nothing. I want to show you here real quick. I said where I spent a lot of time on cicd. This is an actual production product. This is the bill that runs all your poor Quest every time you send me a request. This gets run against your coat and you keep wondering why dies it's because of this one ride. Where is it? So weird when you send a

request to me, you're using as an anonymous user. You're not allowed to change my bill number. That's the cast of blows up every time. So what I do is I R E Q it and when I rekey what is going to lose it do it as me and then you're you'll get your check. So I might have figured out how to get the checks to show up to hide a pill with a lie anymore. I'm going to get that squared away for it. But as you can see here, I'm actually running this against Mac windows and Linux. Again. This is a Powershell module and Powershell buy that for those who did not know doesn't come back windows

and Linux and I when I'm doing it, I'm installing a package and I'm running my unit test to make sure that it works on Mac windows and Linux. Anyone, we're done with that we going tested again in all these different environment and we can point out into the power show Gallery all through using our tool set here. One other thing. I wanted to show you here. Is this monster so check this out. That is a lot of freaking environment. So what we're doing here, they're 63 of them. So whatever it is, I have another product that I worked on that's open. So it's called yellow team. You

got to be a brave soul to do a pull request on your team because your goat has to survive every one of these 63 environment before it will make its way through a pull request that is 3 hours of just painstaking biting your nails done, please in the environment over again, but what I do know for a fact is that if your code get through this it is perfect and anyone can get on stage and Demario team and it will work perfectly for those who don't know what your team is. It is a command line tool that will stand up all these cool pipeline that I've been showing you something by

answering about five or six questions. Answer a few questions and I will build you a pipeline for nodejs Jabo. Net core or. Net full frame work and even power some odd one out. Right? So we basically make standing up these pipelines really easy so that you can start drumming devops on it and making everything better really really quickly, but I wanted to show I got her memory was cute. So this person is challenging me on Twitter. Yeah, but can you handle environment of 21 stages of 63 stages and I'll raise you another 40 stages. I guess we can handle whatever you want to throw it at

because this is the kind of stuff that I was able to build and this has been a lifesaver. I can't tell you how many bugs escaped into production before I had this pipeline cuz I couldn't take out the test this manually just imagine but I'm testing against TFS 2017 TFS 2018 and I'm testing Java dotnet core in full frame against dr. Against app service with and without deployment spot. That's what this is doing for me to do that manually. I would just never tested all so I simply don't have that much time. That's the one I automated it all. I'm a go ahead. I'll see you in

a couple hours. Tell me how good the code is or not. It made my life a lot easier in the quality of the product much much better. This is how to put as your Devas. So this is the actual pipeline that deploys that product out every single day the very first zero that is where the Azure devops team actually work. So it's the different portions of their tool to different we call skill unit to answer ring is actually multiple scale unitard like basically different environment, but not very first one is where we work. So we're the first ones to see any of the features if they don't work for

us. We will never pass them on to you we call it dog putting in the United States and Europe they call it drinking your own champagne say however you want it's making sure that if there's something wrong with the one that pay the price that our customers it's really important to us what we do as we leave it there for 24 to 48 hours and we monitor all the deliberate wreaths to make sure that it was good enough for us to remember 48 Hours allowed to work in North Carolina allowed to work in India back into Redmond and then again around again why we have to work on it for 48 hours if it survives

us will then move it to the next train and so on and so forth. The last ring is a very special ring that ring is just for one customer by every one of the other ones that shared except that one the windows team is our largest customer on the planets can actually justifies their entire own stamp of azure devops million work items and the largest get repository in the world coming in at three hundred like 50 GB. It was so big that if you did it get status. We should take milliseconds. It took like 5 minutes to do a get status on your repository. It is so big. In fact that we created our

own file system called to get virtual file system just so that we can use gift for repo as big as window and when the office comes over they will top that number as well. Can you leave office is bigger than Windows? Run on me, but you're bigger than me. That just doesn't make sense to me. But if it's true, so when I come over and they're going to be like 400 is just massive massive repository fan of pipelines. I just can't say enough stuff. It is changed my life in the way that I do softer other things that we have a repository really cool. So we are going to

be here soon. We're not going to change with GitHub does GitHub. Does that very very well? What we do is we give you really tight integration and will give you unlimited private repost for absolutely free and I'm going to quickly show you those and I'm going to show you that inside of the world that we live in as Microsoft. Let me find the right time for that. 222 Here, so this is actually our repository and it's actually running builds right now. So those bills are actually running inside of our get repository. We all work out of

Master. We have all 50 featuring team scrape feature branches and pushing back in the master every single day. We're able to do that cuz we use a technique called feature flags. Do you want to learn more about feature Flags? I have a resource at the end of the slide deck that you can go and learn more about that. One of the really cool things here that we have a fantastic pool request experience or pull request experience allows you to get conversation. You can use emojis and gifs. I have this dancing GIF. I like your coat that I'll put in your code, which is exactly me dancing with

his hilarious, but you can do like really silly stuff in there. But you can also do really really serious stuff in there so we can do 600 pull request a day remembered talk about shifting left when it comes to Quality. How many unit tests do you believe that we run in our pool request? 10000 a good guess ten thousands really good get your basically about 70,000 off. We run 83000 unit test against every single pull request and we do this 600 times a day on just Azure devops, right?

So if you ever wondered if it's Gales, there's your answer. Right and we do that what is that 17 minutes? We ran 83000 unit test in less than 20 minutes to verify it. No matter where I am. No matter what time zone am and is always a build runny and I saw one fail it only had one unit test fail. Can you imagine the crushing defeat? I had to feel when you have a minute for requesting this test will and we were literally rejected go figure it out submit another Pool request that thing is dead. Right? We also do credits can renew security scan for you all this cool stuff in our pool

request. So by the time he gets into the front of a user we can go back in and verify that and push it into Master. But again, I can't go too far into future Flags, but I have two resources for you here at the end. You're paying for me post. You need to stop we give you unlimited private repos for free. Now. We're going to talk about plans. This used to be test manager. If you remember the WPF application replacing you taking all that functionality and we moved it into a cloud-based Solutions, which means you cannot access it from everywhere because before you had to

be on a Windows machine cuz it was a WPF application. But now what you can do what you can use it from anywhere because it's just a web-based application and you can test anything that you want with it. No matter fact, I'm a very quickly take you inside of test plans. I was able to do training on test plans right after we moved it because the training for the orange Rim product still worked. It's exactly the same product. You can create several different types of tests Suites in a suite at just a collection of test cases. We have three different types. One of them is a static

one. You just put whatever test cases you want in their randomly and then you can order them. The other one is what we call a query based test week, which is where you would write a query that says I want any Test cases that are priority One to automatically show up in this test week cuz he's rp1 that we have to run every released after every time we change the status go and figure this stuff out. So what we do is every time you open the next week, we run that Corey and pulling anything that matches that criteria. It's pretty convenient. The other one requirements bass test

product backlog item. I'm actually able to associate to in the test cases that defined its acceptance criteria and they show up you're automatically as well so I can see exactly what it is that I'm trying to text all that stuff back to rebuild my releases as well when you can run your tests pretty much anywhere if I come over here I can even run about when you're not going to see you right away. The one that says desktop app that is actually coming very very soon. And I wanted to make sure that you knew it was coming. A lot

of people come here to take all this is just for web application Donovan duped me know I didn't Show up but you'll be able to test your own Brand Products just as easy as you test your web products as well. You can have multiple configurations in this tool to help you build your entire test Matrix. If you're building a web application, you probably want to test it against Chrome and Firefox and Safari. You don't want to forget. So what you can do if you can come in here and Define those configurations and then what you do is you map the test cases do those configuration and it will

track your testing effort across all those for you to make sure that you didn't miss something or you didn't forget to test that one scenario on that configuration that you need to fill its really cool to be able to use this to test your entire Matrix a manager code. Artifact artifact Haven for your nougat and for your in p.m. And it happens to be if you're doing power still power seller just nuget packages, right? So it's pretty cool that you can use us for power cell as well, which is what I use for the product. That is BS team. It's

actually used in artifact show you a artifact repository. That's all it is is just passed. I have your packages. That's all it does. Right? It's really cool. But what's neat about it is that if you want to trade a list, you don't want them going out to the public internet to get your packages. Did you want to make sure they're getting the right version you can actually use our package management vs. Npm or nougat. So let's get to some of the resources here. Skip skip skip this is my team you might have just seen Jessica Dean. She's here. She was in Scott Hanselman the General

Session. She is a Dynamo. She's the smallest one of us would probably the most powerful of all of us if you get a chance to see Jessica Dean speak, I highly recommended the other person who is here today with this is steam rasky to her. Right. He is our Chef expert I'm down in the middle of Damian Brady's in Australia. He'll be with us here next year. He just had a son so we let him stay home and he worked at you need help with that. They belong on the far end is the best programmer I've ever met. He wasn't able to make the trip this year, but he is guaranteed he will be here next year as

well. And what we'll do when we're all here together as we will go to the devops booth and you can come hang out with us. Ask us questions. We did it at build. It was awesome to have everyone come and say hello. If you need us you need to use that hashtag, LOL Seda which stands for advocates All right, we didn't make it up with Steve made it up. But the communities kind of last go into it, but most people just call us the league and if you use that hat tag, all five of us will come read your Tweet and see if we can actually help you. It's sort of like a like a bat

signal. Right. So if you use that we will come and we will read it. So please do not leave your say. I wonder if this will work. Hashtag. Delete the last thing I want to leave you with are some really cool resources that we have inside of Microsoft for Azure Friday, which is Scott Hanselman show. I'm a guest host. Their soul is devops related stuff. I used to come in and do some shows for him. We also have a sharp tool box for you. Let me be able to go to a battery going to see a lot of azure devops new stuff coming out there. If you want to learn more

about how we do safe deployment How We Do feature Flags how we'd keep up with keeping 50 feature Team all in sync from architecture. You need to watch the devops interview show. If the name is Anil Shah. He's been on there three times or Aaron Burr was also been on here three times. What all those shows they are the best shows that we've ever recorded. They blow your mind with how complicated is to be inside of Microsoft yet. We figured it out if we can figure it out we can You figured out we're completely transparent on how we Implement devops inside of Microsoft using our product so that

you can do the same thing. If you have ideas for shows to meet him at me. I'll get the gas will come down and sit down and talk about it. Again. We have another show called the devops lab, which is where we take a problem and we saw that right there in the side of the show again. I am at Donovan Brown and are leagues website is there and I have 9 seconds. So thank you so much for having me everyone. I hope you enjoyed it.

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