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Citrix Synergy TV - KEY001 - Opening Keynote

David Henshall
President and CEO at Citrix
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Citrix Synergy Atlanta 2019
May 21, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA
Citrix Synergy Atlanta 2019
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Citrix Synergy TV - KEY001 - Opening Keynote
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David Henshall
President and CEO at Citrix
Calvin Hsu
Vice President Product Management at Citrix
Robert Enslin
President, Cloud Sales at Google
Laksh Nathan
Senior Vice President, Business Delivery Services at CBS Corporation
PJ Hough
EVP, Chief Product Officer at Citrix
Brad Anderson
Corporate Vice President at Microsoft
Herb Harrison
Senior Account Executive at UPS

Brad Anderson is the Corporate Vice President of the Commercial Management Experiences team within the Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft. Brad's team is responsible for deploying the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace, and has engineering responsibility for defining and delivering commercial Windows, management, and security of PCs and mobile devices, as well as customer deployment and usage of the Microsoft 365 services.

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Experienced Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Advertising, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Critical Thinking. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Wingate University.

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About the talk

This Is How The Future Works: prepare to be inspired as Citrix executive leaders introduce a vision for a completely reimagined customer and employee experience, one that harnesses and simplifies technology to drive greater engagement, efficiency and productivity. Citrix president and CEO David Henshall will share the Citrix vision that guides our unwavering focus on powering a better way to work, welcoming customers who reveal the key business outcomes that Citrix solutions enable in their organizations. Calvin Hsu, vice president of product marketing, will offer a detailed look into Citrix solutions that give customers confidence without compromise by delivering the world’s apps and data easily and securely anywhere, at any time, on any device or network. Executive vice president and chief product officer PJ Hough will demonstrate the next evolution in Citrix innovation and show how personalized insights and automation will guide employees through their day and help them work smarter. He’ll be joined onstage by Malini Leveque, vice president of product design, to talk about design inspiration, intelligent features, and the value of strategic partnerships. All together, this can’t-miss session will equip you with a roadmap for achieving sustainable organizational success and show you how to make the future a reality today in your organization. Come and see what Citrix makes possible.Note: This session will be live-streamed during the event and available for on demand viewing post-event on Citrix Synergy TV.


the future the promise of the future with a little imagination. It's easy to have a future. It's exploring with possibilities. The potential for a better way to work the future promises powerful technology technology that simplifies process that illuminates with Insight freeze at from disruptions to do our best work. It's technology that gets out of your way rather than in your way that puts everything you need in one place every place you happen to be

its technology that powers up your potential while locking down your information that serves up what you need before, you know, you need it and wrap the layer of security around your apps and content wherever they may do it technology that favors what's ability over Force Block in and it's fluid change as during the exchange. It's a productivity multiplier. Accelerator pump game-changer it's a seamless experience but enterprise-grade security and unlimited choice that will transform

work. It is in a future start right now. Welcome to the Citrix synergy. Please welcome president and CEO David Henshaw. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome to Synergy 2019. This is going to be a really really cool week. Welcome to the thousands of you to join us here live at Atlanta. And the many thousands join us virtually from around the world. I'll tell you from my perspective. It's really good to see everybody again before we get started though. One more shout out for sonequa. Martin-green from CVS.

Is Star Trek discovery. And AMC's The Walking Dead really cool way to start off the show. You'll see more of Cyndaquil later. So I will extend a very special. Thank you to everyone for helping to shape Citrix and really our vision for the future of work. Thank you to our team and our go-to-market partners for your focus on customer success to our industry partners and our sponsors for making sure this energy is an amazing event this year to all the Press analysis over here with us today and our Citrix ttp's where are you guys? Right there.

Thank you for your energy and your support and most importantly though. Thank you to our customers. Your success is what inspires us and really the most important part of everything we do. So I'll tell you that for me. It's hard to imagine that it's been a full year since I was up here last talked about all the transformation that's going on inside the company right now. And from my point of view. The momentum is just incredible right now. In fact quality Livery has never been faster than it is right now and just take a look behind me and all these new foundational announcement that we made

a year ago. And we delivered in the weeks thereafter across areas like the work space across networking and across analytics, but clearly that's not everything. We know we've taken it another step forward really a dusting along our great ecosystem Partners to make sure that all of our Technologies are really tightly couple so he can have the best experience across the infrastructure of your choice. So while and I'd say a really productive 12 months. The Focus right now is about looking for talking about everything that's going on around us and all these business forces that are shaping our

company's right now and certainly the things that are influencing the roadmap though Solutions were delivering forward. And so, you know when I take a little bit of a step back I'd say this is an amazing time for our industry in Franklin funeral for the world in general, you know, the future is coming out of so fast from all these different dimensions and see no people are more connected now than they've ever been half the world's planet right now and growing everyday, but it's really not just people though it's devices and things at the same time. You decimated that there's going to

be 65 billion interconnected devices around the world and just next couple years that the age for every single person on the planet and all of the data being produced by that all of the people that devices the thing is really staggering frankly. We're rapidly approaching what is being called The Yoda by Tara Don't bother Googling it just trust me for a minute. That's one with 24 zeros after it staggering and when first contemplated they were saying that it's going to take a data center the size of Delaware and Rhode Island together just a house it all obviously those estimates are coming

down pretty rapidly but it's a lot of data. Anyway, you look at it and it's certainly more than people can use in any meaningful way. So course new capabilities like machine learning artificial intelligence and others are really coming to help us turn all this data into information cuz I think in the future those businesses that have really relied on access to proprietary information that kind of differential Advantage is going to Road overtime and the most successful companies are the ones that can really capture information on demand and use it most efficiently going forward. So fortunately

compute is also really really driving forward and you're seeing this advance in The Amazing Payson new capabilities, like Quantum Computing are moving rapidly from science fiction to reality is companies and nations were spending tens of billions of dollars to advance this in just the next couple years and it promises to be the single biggest lead in computers with ever seen in the history of the industry. I did exactly what that more cool is that the power of these systems grows exponentially with the complexity of the problem that is trying to solve. So therefore, you know Solutions like

a IML security and others are just perfect applications for this. But this technology is really changing the way that we do business, you know, introducing new business models across the board and forcing people to truly rethink, you know the way that they work. You think the god of the days where everybody is assumed to working inside the home office, you know, when you plan your careers imagine you're going to have the same company for years or even decades at a time. Just not the way it is anymore and you don't companies now have to go in search of people and really interact with

customers on their terms more than ever before and so those technology disruptions of course are resetting all the boundaries for now and we're really high quality work is done. You know that old hierarchical model that we all grew up with the pyramid structure in the scale that well into the future and I think the most successful businesses are those that are going to be much more decentralized and dynamic and you hear these cool terms like, you know, the shape-shifting Enterprise and liquid and fluid business and really all that means is that those companies that can seamlessly Chef both are

people in their digital resources across work clothes. Just can't actually putting that right information of people's fingertips, you know how and when they need it. Those are the ones we're going to win force and then to take advantage of the above all this people are totally integral and giving them the tools and the capabilities in this new way of working is going to become a business anymore than ever before. So what I want to do to really reinforces point is typical scenario one that I'm sure all of us can relate to and so I'm going introduce you to a couple of pretty common characters

for this story. And this one is Maria. He Maria manager and she's been with her company for a couple of years. She's considered an absolute Rockstar what she does awesome marketer. In fact of this company could hire dozens or even hundreds of Maria they would of course they would but it's becoming harder and harder because you know talents the problem. Where is an example of what a lot of companies are facing right now? There's just not enough of the right people with the right skills in the right locations to get their jobs done. And I think that's probably only going to get

worse as we go through major generational ships across the planet, you know, you take the US for example right now Baby Boomers are retiring in mass and they're taking with them just decades and Decades of experience and specialized knowledge practice problems getting worse and it's a global problem because Mackenzie s Maids the next year. There's going to be a shortage of fully 95 million medium in high-skilled workers. So finding the right people in retaining them has never been more important than it is today. A lot of companies are getting creative though. They are looking for

new ways a new talent pool is really engage with with with people, you know, email sample, you know eBay, we've all known and loved their products for years and what they've done is really disaggregate the traditional call center model. They've disaggregated it using difference is a platform to tap into a large stay-at-home force of workers, you know, this non-traditional group might not have been part of the workforce a few years ago. But now they can you drive an amazing productivity for both eBay and a way to engage in themselves without having to go into a home office and the old style

of working. But I think the shortages probably most pronounce in the areas that all of us work in in a high-tech feels develop her Talent is the majority of CEOs that I talk to you and certainly a lot of customers here all agree that it's one of those things is getting in the way of driving your business growth across the board. So the key of all this of course is that, you know finding the right people. It's got to make sure that the talent you have is as productive and absolutely as engaged and driving business outcomes as they can be but you don't want fortunate just not the case

in many areas in a take this example of Marie again, it is not that engaged to work. She's got a very frustrated in a work environment fragmented processing systems Etc blocked her from doing what she cares about in this case. You know, that's marketing. She wants to be an amazing Market over the company keeps getting in the way. She serious Mighty over and over again about why isn't this changing and frankly the pace is just too slow for her. But it's not just Maria. She's absolutely not alone in this is truly a worldwide epidemic at this point. The Gallup organization has been looking

at this and they concluded that 85% of people globally are disengaged to work. 85 so you think about that stat for just a minute. Imagine if only 15% of your team 15 or like completely aligned and driving your business results. And when you couple that with the fact that in most organizations employees are the single largest expense that means by definition employees are your most valuable asset but they're just not being treated as such. You have any other asset in the portfolio is operating at 15% capacity to be all over that really driving change across the board and so

of course, we've been studying this and looking at the reasons for what's driving this disengagement really and we've concluded it part of that. It's just they don't have access to the tools to do their best work. If the information necessary to do the things that they care about you think about employeexperience format for the most people. It's about in my making a difference in my contributing. Am I moving the ball forward each and every day and a lot of cases it's not in the typical engagement survey that most companies go through each year in imagine that web page that HR makes you fill

out that looks a traditional managerial aspects is very very rarely looks at all these technology-related factors that are driving this it's a horse winery. That's getting this. I'll be more correct is in the consumer base. We've talked a lot about consumerization Mighty over the years and you know, unfortunately, I think they're pulling it had if anything you don't think about Marie again. She's acting on a flight the other day, you know engaging with JetBlue and all Maria Seas is just a nice simple elegant interface. She's totally unaware of all the back-end systems are powering

this the authentication the bookie in the ticket in scheduling luggage tracking you name an across-the-board. It's just that one really simple workflow guiding her through the process. You think about your own experience and imagine what's going to be easier? You know when you checked into that flight to come here this week when you get back in the office and have to fill out your expense report and try and get it approved up. The chain of command is probably pretty obvious because for a lot of people the tools you have in the office or looked like taking a step back in time. This is

how most people start their day. Of course, you're looking at an internet page for the series The Hot Links or maybe it's some portal with a bunch of app icons and it's your job to dig through that and you'll find what you're looking for along the way when you do, you know, you launch a nap and then asking to have a different experience every time doesn't matter if it's an as400 app, maybe win32 apps a sap. The chances are it's going to have a different interface different medication different workflow different-looking feel probably different performance characteristics different

authentication on Down the Line. It takes effort to remember all this takes up human Ram human Ramen distraction. Just trying to toggle back and forth between all of these various tools. Show me Maria Castillo her company thinks they're hiring her to be the specialized knowledge worker but they're giving her the tools to be repetitive tasks for her over and over again. It's a really therein lies the Gap, you know, this Gap around productivity Gap experience Gap in the engagement Gap. It is really hurting, you know businesses around the world. And if you don't believe me and give me one more

example, that's the last time you walked up to one of these fancy copy. You stared Amos Lee at this doesn't the buttons try to remember like what is that sequence of things? I have to push in order to make a copy cuz the end of the day, all you really wanted to do was make a copy. But it's worth a lot of Enterprise technology has been built for that 1% that power user that needs all the bells and whistles this out there and they're the ones that know how to use those buttons. But guess what everybody else I just wanna make a copy. I want to push that button make that happen. But the technology

has been aimed at simplifying working so many ways. It's just making it harder than it needs to and all of these factors are really contributing to this problem with disengagement in Lost productivity across-the-board. And if there's anybody that still doesn't believe this is a major major problem that Gallup study put a price tag on it and they asked to made it that globally this accounts for like 7 trillion dollars of lost output. 7 trillion numbers going to vary across geographies and across Industries. But anyway, you look at it. That is a really really really big number. Show

me to talk about Maria for little while and I'm pretty sure we can all relate to her because you know, she's pretty typical of what we have on our teams right now. This Maria's on the front line of his talent war that all companies are engaged in right now around the globe trying to find the right people and it's imperative that we solve a lot of these issues and we make her more productive just like everybody else has that been so hard, you know, these are such pressing problems, you know anything about it. So you got to look at it through the other lands though the lens of it reduce

you another character. This is Chris and Chris is another guy that everybody knows pretty well in this case Madison. The Chris has a senior it manager and he's in charge with supporting digital transformation write his goal is to make the company much more agile much more efficient much more productive company too clearly for the Carolla cross it but his formal is pretty simple. Give people the right tools and writes the right Solutions. They're going to be productive and off we go make sense, right? But the story of Chris is pretty similar to the story Maria. It's often a lot lot

harder than it sounds because in this case started a few years ago. He had a team of would say 10 people laundry list of tasks to do guess. What as time goes by that laundry list is getting longer longer but his team has been optimized and so they don't be getting any shorter. These got a lot of pain of just keeping up with everything business still wants change, but you know, he's got to manage all the complexity that he has today. And it's true for everyone the average sisters customer this here today has about 500 applications in production right.

Now it over the years. I've talked a lot about this data center idea being compared to an archaeological dig. What is meant by that is it layers upon layers of Technology just added on top of each other creating more more complexity overtime because as an industry, I'd say it was a good at adopting new. It's much much harder to you know, simplify what's already there and that just create more and more complexity making the problem worse and it's not going to change very rapidly. In fact, the majority of apps you have right now are going to be there several years from now. They're just going to

be there. And so when you think about all that plus the fact that probably everybody here is on a cloud journey and you're introducing all these different third-party providers into the infrastructure. That just makes the equation that much more challenging. So put it all together and it's no secret that like most of you Chris is struggling to figure out how to prioritize the business wants change the business wants engagement, of course, but you got to manage everything that's already there today typical it budget these days by 85 or 90% is spent on typical maintenance. Just keeping

the lights on just leaving a little bit left over that 10 or 15% for Innovation Center 15% of your focus is on innovation. And so he know we can all relate to these challenges because frankly this is what we all deal with on a day-to-day basis. We clearly believe that there's a better way. So the focus of synergy this week is going to be talked about in demonstrating the solutions that we're bringing tomorrow kid to help really address and solve a lot of these problems. For three decades so, you know, I'd say that what we've done is really Bridge people and Technology making people much

more productive on their terms and they believe these changing work Styles around the cloud mobile error. And of course helping support these generational ships that we talked about before just making people more and more productive over time. We know the business outcomes that you're looking for a of course, you know, just amazing employees. Seuss Integrated Security and the choice near the structure and of course across the endpoints for the rest of conversation this morning. We're going

to organize at the cross these three areas experience security and choice and do a deep dive in each one of them to really show you how we're bringing this to reality. But before they do that though, we fight a little bit of context on on where we're going is an organization has kind of a setup here. So I say we worked really hard of the last couple years to transform the company, you know, we've moved from a collection of individual Point products too much more Integrated Solutions in cloud services in a weary line everything rightly realign the organization. We realign our business model. We've

eliminated some of the product names themselves and the focus on all this was around. So I'd say simplification overall Innovation and speed of delivery throughout the company because today we look at Citrus really through the lens of three simple areas workspace networking and Analytics. Reddit continue delivering market-leading Solutions in each one of these three areas, but I think the real power comes we can bring them all together into these more complete Integrated Solutions and an broadly differentiated value for free run customers. But you know the last

30 years you trusted us to handle it on your most important work load. The stuff is really mission-critical to your organization. We done this by pioneering and leading key categories like vdi virtualization app delivery at networking. You name it. I think our Focus has been on how do we deliver performance in a wheelie enable cost efficiencies and then ensure security across your and we absolutely thank you for the trust that you placed in us on this journey and the partnership that we've had with everybody here for all those many years. What a lot of people ask for is to step back and

think about enabling a platform that you are more diverse platform that really focuses on all users and all applications in the same. Not just those that require the power of virtualization, but essentially a platform the benefits everybody weather there a power user and they need all those bells and whistles or whether they have relatively simple requirements protiviti apps, maybe couple of Staff Solutions the platform needs to add value to everybody while allowing you to the same time abstract away some of that complexity in the infrastructure and make it easier to manage on a go-forward

basis. And when we get to this platform idea, I think about it just really wall-to-wall touching all individual users than the tools that we layer on top start to take on just exponential value at that point in value on things like security analytics on performance and productivity analytics. And of course, you know the consistency consistency of looking at everybody that singleplatform you across the board. Ultimate Experience, of course has to be user-centric, you know PPL Center Computing because their experience is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your overall

in initials. You have across the business still working backwards is the way I described it to really think about you know, what it needs to be successful secure and really Empower people both how and where they were going to do now is with deep dive into experience to talk much more about how we're going to make this happen. Go back to Maria for a minute, you know, we discussed the tools and techniques that Marie has been given to do her job and like many people she starts her day in her case. Of

course that's making great marketing programs right in from the moment. She starts her day though. It won't she's in the office when stuff goes off the rails. That's when the reality sets in. What I want to do now is just feeds you a real quick video. We spent it up here. So just follow along with me, but this is a pretty typical day in the life or it'll somebody like Maria. Ready? Yep. Well one thing she does when she pops and that she remembers I forgot to do the PTO that I wanted to request for later in the week. So she's use this application. She's familiar with it. She goes down

through all the various steps. She's used to and you know, not a big deal. It's been one before but unfortunately she gets interrupted like we all do things come up in this case. Imagine. It's one of her teammates looking for an approval of an expense report. I want them to get in trouble with with financing want to keep people happy so jumped into that application re-authenticate and starts going through those various work clothes at the same time checking her calendar. There's a meeting coming up but you know, what's worse a or soft phone's not working so bounces into another application

at the same time how to get that thing fixed before before the next meeting comes up and guess what there's a boss looking for information on this big deal that we both been tracking at this point. I'm so she was going to dig around for that information sign that status and off she goes over and over and over again before You can finally come back and respond to her boss and make it all happen. So hang outside, let me catch my breath. No, seriously, I spelled that video of course, but in reality it took about 10 minutes 10 minutes all-in-one. She's jumping back and forth between all

these different in applications and interfaces looking for information, you know looking for ways to complete these tasks and frankly. She's no closer to getting what she wants to get done which in this case of course is marketing read amazing tools. We use all the everyone you saw here in the part of citrus infrastructure, but the way companies think about them is often very very isolated or imagine that every single person that company is a power user a power user that wants that 1% functionality and doesn't mind digging through all those details Or

if they just take a really simple workflow just make it more complexity needs to be this is an example of what everybody deals with every day. And this is what the damaging productivity and really leading to the disengagement problem. I talked a lot about in from the employee perspective and pretty simple why she's too many apps, you know, the average person uses between 7 and 12 applications every single day just to get your job done, but they are using just a little bit of that too little usage the skinning the surface on what now, the ninety-nine percent of people want to do which is

probably just execute a simple workflow not go through all of those steps in that cumbersome workflow and of course his idea of context switching thing about it today, you know today this Dad is every two minutes. 32 minutes you're interrupted by a Tweed and notification in email or phone call all that stuff and it's forcing us to bounce back and forth between these things and whether you like it or not human brains not wire to multi-task nearly as effectively as you think that is just not the case. In fact, the study showed that every time one of these things happen to takes you fully

20 minutes to get back to what you were doing in the first place 20 minutes. Are the challenge go for training people on these great consumer experiences, I guess what delivery is it making them more effective. Is it making them better more productive more engaged again? Probably not in this is what we're focused on simplifying newest simplifying the way people work with the intent of solving all those problems for people. Explain the journey that we've been on to

make this a reality. I'd say for 30 years we focus on really connecting people in information and I had a certain we do that better than anybody in the world as apps of evolved release. So has the company in many ways. We've been focused on what I say is organizing it really helping simplify some of that complexity of course, but it's not just about making a portal for apps. It was really about creating a platform for work. So last year we deduce this is our Force Base in a moving beyond that have catalog idea for the first time to really helped organize the way people work day-in and

day-out was greatest we brought together for the first time all of their applications whether those apps were sass mobile native didn't really matter all of your content whether that was residing in some on-premises datastore and one of many cloud services and of course making that seamless across devices only the first step in really driving that great user experience. So I thought about that is organized into work. Organizing it. You don't move to organizing work. And where we're going now is much more about taking this in a way that we can make work easier helping the guide work

from this point. I'm looking for opportunities to simplify many of those common tasks that people have had to avoid that context switching between application allowing them to work. Basically the way they want to do no more context switching no more digging around for information at the same time. And this is what we think of as as I said guiding work. This is about making a better and more productive work experience in the final step is going to be automation, you know leveraging new capabilities like ML and AI where appropriate to really help simplify and remove steps help people

automatically complete tasks and improve productivity overall. That's really about automated work. So that entire journey and so question is how we're going to do this. To accomplish this today. We're introducing the intelligent experience inside the Citrix workspace. And for those of you that have already embraced the Citrix workspace, these are a set of capabilities that you are going to begin receiving before the end of the year. So we've been fused to work space with microwaves and intelligence in a way that you're waiting to sit serve you the information that

you need in contact when and how you need it to remember Maria's day just a few minutes ago or she struggled through those, you know, 10 minutes of context switching between all those applications. So let's take a look at the same thing Through The Eyes of the new workspace. Okay, so here we go. As she starts the day guess what no context switching your numbers that notification that she received inside of her feet about those expense reports just popped open the tile right there reviews the information and real-time hits approve

and off she goes there's an opportunity that she been looking at $2000000. There's the status of it just need the right side of a speed right now himself. So I phone still not working but fortunately up in the recommended actions. She comes log a ticket in real-time just drop down no going back and forth between the application just getting going on what she needs to get done simply and in contacts. Fortunately. It's right there as well. All the simple widely used things were she can just jump back and forth looking at the things that she needs to

get her job. And that's it. What took Maria 10 minutes and all those logins back and forth and struggling through that there were less than 30 seconds in the new Citrix workspace pretty cool, isn't it? I'll tell you what aren't real goal is to give people back one day per week to months of productivity every single year for a company decides to Citrix. That's 3 million hours 3 million hours a week and focus on driving our business forward, but when you step back and you look at the stats today the average person spend one day a week

looking for information right now try to remember which app is coming from which repository is stored in who's got the latest version when you put it in those terms frankly. That's crazy. It's not that it Bish's and we think this is a real good support for that. There's a lot of companies that have already embraced many of these same Concepts today. So that reflects the companies that have the most advanced digital transformation or digital workspace strategies right now and results are pretty awesome right higher productivity higher customer satire profitability better growth rate, very

impressive across-the-board and we're fortunate enough to have one of these great companies here with today and I CBS when the world's largest media companies with business is spanning just about every medium for Content creation content delivery their longtime Citrus customer, what are the early adopters of our Michael a platform really transform the way that they think about end-user productivity and user experience. So to talk more about this, please welcome locks Nathan senior vice president of Business Delivery Services at CVS.

Hey, thanks for being here. Thank you very much. Love it. I love it. Let's jump right in. So I'm sure everybody knows CVS, but I doubt that everybody has a full understanding of the true breadth and scope of all your digital properties akiba's trip overview. Chart CBS is made up of many companies. You may know us as CBS network which makes up CBS News sports entertainment and Studios as local business AK TV stations, but we are also strong in other areas cable if Showtime hot TV Smithsonian or strong and Publishing Simon Schuster.

We also we also have a very major presence unusual space with CBS Interactive CBS Interactive Support over 30 properties, including CBS all access CBS all access is a digital subscription video-on-demand and live streaming service. Speaking of sonequa martin-green AKA Michael Burnham Star Trek Discovery is exclusively on CBS all access. So I crossed the company right now. What are the areas? You've obviously prioritizes around in the past. We were not focused on the different

cultures of our organization. We treated and he's a real as is it projects in the last year. We read me to find RIT or a team to be a consolidation of Engineers of client service technicians and end-user experts to form a workplace and collaborate a continuous service team the Technical Solutions for variety of areas such as onboarding off-boarding identity collaboration and Enterprise communication. The main focus has been aligning with are different brands. In particular CBS Interactive uses the Citrix micro at tool to support the

HR Performance Management process is it is tailored to CBS Interactive and we continue to see ourselves moving down a more agile method of Delivery Solutions for end-users. Super cool. I think we all know that you guys can biggest and most ambitious was streaming the Super Bowl last year to the widest audience ever leveraging Citrus Intelligent Traffic management initiative and some of the results you achieve their as well sure. It was our largest initiative itm was a big

factor in its being a successful project. We are additional company and we need to have a foundation to support a large scale digital audience for all of our content. So say what that was compared to football didn't transformation to keep moving the goalposts all the time. So what's next we can find ways to create deliver and monetize. Our content are digital transformation is aligned with our business calls and continues to adapt their Technologies to both our customers and our end users. Awesome. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you very much. Let's take a look at what's

difference is doing to help everybody's experience. Please welcome Chief product officer TJ Hawk. an intelligent workspace What does it really mean to make a workspace intelligent to make a personal to me and to make an adapt to the way that I work? Well, it's really important that the workspace helps me organize my work. So I feel confident that I have all the necessary tools and all the work is visible to me. It's very important that the word spacing guides what I do that helps

me understand. What's the most important thing to focus on and also that it helps me automate some of the more mundane routine parts of the job that I do everyday. What we're doing in the workspace is weird distilling applications into personalized units of work. We're all very familiar with the power and the scope of these large applications. But sometimes we just want one piece one unit of work out of that application. And that is what we're surfacing

inside the workspace. We're taking inputs from all of the applications in your portfolio. We're breaking down the units of work inside each one of them and we're surfacing them in a meaningful and personalized way to individual users so they can do their best work in the work space and that they can also collaborate with their teams using whatever collaboration tools and platform is most comfortable to them. Fundamental building blocks of this workspace are evident in many of the tools we use

today in our consumer lies. Rich seeds that are personalized to us that bring us points of interest topics that matter to us some of which are pushed to us and some of which we have expressed in percent. Notifications just in time notifications. We know it's today from our flight getting rescheduled or availability for tickets are other things. Why don't we have that same capability of just-in-time notification in our work spaces. How about one click actions open now

reserved it book a table there so many of these things that we're familiar with but that haven't necessarily surfaced inside our work environments recommendation engines with fully become used to having recommendation engines for the Ritz in our collections of books are the TV shows. We watch our other forms of media that get more tuned to our needs overtime. We've been on a journey with the workspace moving from an organized matter for around your virtual apps and desktops

last year. We introduced support for not just those virtualized apps but also your space applications and your mobile applications and on your content. But you know that digital Revolution that occurred on mobile. It really hasn't occurred yet inside the Enterprise. until today Welcome to the revolution. This is the new Citrix intelligent workspace experience. Let's take a look in some detail at what's really going on inside the workspace. First of all with preserve the familiar as you would hope and expect

so all of your applications are still here. They're all still available all of your content your files local and Cloud posted are all available. My recent files are all here to see them on the right along with my recent apps, but the centerpiece of the work space is this new feed a personalized customized prioritized feed for Maria. Pictures look quite familiar to her because it is made up of cards. Just like many of the other fees that she sees and uses today. You'll see that the feed is composed of

notifications from the applications that she uses on her daily in our daily basis. So right here she can sit and operate in the context of the workspace with confidence that these are the most important things that she needs to focus on. Let's see her work on some of the items in the workspace here. The first one is an expense report for a new headset from Chip while they've already talked about this area. And so right there she can just approve that and move on expenses now dealt with chip also has another expenses for a business trip that he's gone recently to visit a

partner in Dallas little more expensive than she was expecting so she can get out the detail information directly from car here in the work space and O Ya Restaurant build might be contributing a little bit. They probably have a good wine list. But right here, she gets enough detail to make a decision about what she wants to do with this expense and she's confident that this was a critical meeting and so she approves the expense. Next in her feed. She sees that there's an opportunity that's closed and has been one. This was the project that she

was involved in but not directly how many times have been involved in such a project. I want the outcome happens. You don't even know the answer. It causes an email and slack channels and text messages just to keep track of what's really going on here. She gets a direct notification as do all the other members of the team who work on that. This is really important because we're trying to drive engagement for Maria here in the workspace. Next. This is a project that she's working on her. She sees that her marketing campaign is actually driving pre-orders tired than she had anticipated send a

team anticipated and she wants to share this news with them. She's stirring it using Microsoft teams, which we've integrated here. We're also going to integrate with other collaboration tools, but this is her to a choice for her team. And so this is a great example of her taking a personal Insight that she has about how a project is working and actually converting it into a collaborative conversation with her team. Truthfully, this is what Maria gets paid to do bills great campaigns Drive collaboration across the team educate people

and get engaged in the core of the business. So what you see here in the work space is the fees that come some of which were pushed to Maria some of which related projects that she has expressed an interest in the whole case has prioritized and actionable. No longer would she have 10 or 12 additional applications open at the end of the day to process all of these individual microtransactions? She can accomplish so much more here. I'm with the confidence that this is prioritize and organize. Now it turns out that

the activity feed is not the only Innovation that we've added to the workspace. We're also adding an assistant. Some of us have become familiar with Bots and assistance in other environments what we're adding it to the workspace about that later, but what's important here is it's another way for Maria to initiate work inside the work space. So not only is she doing things that are sent to her. She can initiate activities. I want to draw your attention to the upper right to the recommended actions. Think for a moment about your to-do list and the things that

you write on your to-do list on the form that they take arrange a meeting with the marketing department send out a draft of the document. Rarely do we in our to do list write the names of the applications were going to use we don't think applications. We think actions. And this recommended action list is mapping for Maria actions to Applications. We all have away in our company putting a ticket are applying for time off or they tend not to think of the app first when we sit and think we tend to think

of the app second and the activity first. We have a long list here of action step where you can choose from and she's chosen one, which is to create a ticket to actually get a new micro app built. This new micro app is going to add cells for Force account approval application into her work space and so right here. She's creating a servicenow ticket from within the workspace. Remaining in context off her feed and the work that's most important to her. So that's a quick look at the desktop version of the workspace experience. What do you think?

Of course, we've also thought really hard about how the work space should manifest itself on mobile devices and we all recognize that form is actually different than the work. We do on a desktop. But there are many things that we can carry over and the feed is one of those. So right here you see again front and center in the mobile workspace experience the speed and in this case, it's telling me that we've had a new employee I had joined the team. 90 most companies today this is sent out as an email

and shared with the whole team. Some of which we get to read and the same is true for promotions. And in fact, we recently had a promotion at at Citrix and the announcement email that promotion few people who forward it to people who was good. But then that dreaded spring happened where somebody decided they would reply all And of course the floodgates opened once that first reply-all is Unleashed everybody feels empowered to reply all when we pulled the logs for the company and discovered

20,000 notifications have been sent. So here in the feed you can also see that third with optimized it for simple quick test approving time off approving expenses forward some of the details views that we haven't seen this particular expense report depends maybe a little expensive for maybe it's just one really nice pen difficult to tell this expense report is being returned. I hear it again with optimized that experience for the mobile device and for the

moments and the minutes that users have between their meetings may be riding. The elevator may be waiting for the conference call to start business when they can get to the worst face and accomplish those small tasks that sometimes are holding up the entire organization. Maybe that approval is required for other people to start work on an on an important project. Are you sure I mentioned the assistance the workspace assistant and I think the best place to show how the assistant can really help is on a mobile device.

Here you can see re-enter natural language query to figure out how much time off does she have this is translated into an intent that goes to the HR System. The work space does the digital commute and returns to her vacation balance 18 days. From here. She actually request time off submitting a request and getting it into the system initiating a workflow. So again, not just response or also initiating new activities within the workspace. This is the mobile

experience for the Citrix workspace. Why would be embarking on this project? We've been very focused on a people-centric design really understanding how people work with applications today how they work with the Platforms in the tools that deliver but that are available in broadly speaking inside Enterprises. And we believe that the most important thing is to really deliver at the delightful experience. Research shows that if you deliver a really delightful experience that native an intuitive what happens over time is people become more engaged with the

applications and they become more efficient as a result of becoming more efficient. They become more productive The Experience drive to the bottom line in your organization and by adding intelligence into the experience we can keep you in contact. Keep you engaged and continue to improve the experience over time. So really our objective here is to deliver a compelling experience that maps all the way to measure the Improvement in the productivity and the responsiveness of the organization.

No at the heart of the work space is of course those connectors to the line-of-business applications and later this year when we ship the workspace intelligence experience will also share this set of connectors ends and potentially others. Let me know that this is not a complete list and doesn't represent all the applications in your organization. In fact, we're both of shipping at the same time might ask Builder to allow you to extend workspace experience for your Enterprise your organization with the apps. That makes most sense to

you. We're going to ship. We're going to ship a fool API driven developer experience as well as the no code low code drag-and-drop environments for the construction of these micro apps. Let's take a look actually at what it is like to build one of these Michael apps. So this is Chris's work space where it turns out. He has an item in his activity feed which is that servicenow request from Maria to build a Salesforce app. So whiny does hear from within the workspace is he goes to his Citrix Cloud deployment which has all of our integrated services, including the

microlab service front and center. Launch is the micro app service and has the three simple steps to follow to pick the integration for the application that he wants to build build a micro app on top of it and then assign about customized to the users. So these are some of the Integrations that he's using and his company and you can see the expenses the Salesforce app. He chooses Salesforce as the integration here. And then he gets to design the experience that shows up on that feed card that shows up in Maria's workspace.

He gets to set the triggers and who actually gets to see it under what conditions he also gets to design that blade that slides out with the actions on it this case approve and reject and determine what business rules gets followed back on the on the backend system. Do I really make this a complete Michael application experience? And finally, we see what it would look like in Maria's work space a new micro app added. So really the intelligence experience that were delivering it to the Citrix workspace. We believe is transformative. It is the start of a new Revolution and how did think about

delivering modern experiences on workspace platform to all your users across the entire portfolio of applications that you have until we are continually pushing the boundary forward with regard to modernizing the experience for it and delivering them the tools to help them really simplify and deliver a very modern compelling and engaging experience to their users. Of course, we still live in a hybrid world and we still live with a lot of other applications that are not fast and not mobile. And

so I'm very pleased to announce today that we'll be introducing into the Citrix workspace local application support. This is a really important capability and then acknowledged that even this applications move to the cloud move onto the web move into our data centers. We still have really important local applications that we want to deliver and manage on our end points and using our endpoint management solution. You'll be able to deliver those apps and have them show up and deliver a great experience in the context of the workspace.

Speaking of it. We've been talking a lot about Maria going on for the last few years for Chris in the organization. Well, there's been a lot of movement in his application actually a lot of movement in devices and Frankie a lot of movement in employees people who sat down the hall for him or not working the remote are working their commuting and working there on a new set of mobile devices some of which he didn't provide and they're using a wider array of apps than ever before but yet with his budget is still trying to deliver a great

experience to all of these employees. What used to be quite predictable now feels to him a little bit like a Gamble. Where does he plays his next resource bet where have the bets that he's already placed where they paid off and where should he invest next? Well. Why do priests have more insight into what he had already given to his users with regards capability. In fact, what if you really knew what that experience was that each individual user was having in his organization?

Not a measure of is infrastructure. Not a measure of his network. Not a measure of up time and measure of the experience of individual users. I'm very pleased today to introduce Citrix Athletics poor performance. So this is a brand new set of services built on top of our analytics platform. Except this time rather than aimed at solving security-related problems in organization. This is a set of services and uncovering performance and in particular end-user performance.

We're actually going to ship a Quantified end-user experience score metric that Chris can use on a regular basis to excess is on deployment and improve it over time. Let's take a look at what that dashboard would look like. So right here you see off the bat. Chris is actually doing pretty good. He has an average score of 80 out of a hundred for the performance of his deployment. Of course. It's an average which means that he has some users who are experiencing worse than that. In fact, there's some years has

lowest 50 in his deployment. And so from this dashboard right here, he can flick down to the next level of detail where he sees that in fact, it's log on time that is really contributed most to the poor experience at that side of users is experiencing. Finally complete from here into the next level of detail where you at, maybe an or rank order list of the things that are contributing to that log on time. And in this case, it looks like you may have some policies the reader conflicting or misconfigured on the endpoints that these these users have. So

now we've gone from a macro view of his entire deployment to isolating a set of users with a particular set of problems and identifying the most likely fix. This would be a huge benefit to Chris many of these users may not even have called the help desk. So think of this as a proactive way for him to get out in front. What's really most important for me about this set of services is Bay apply to all Citrix deployments. If you are on Prem, if you are in Citrix Cloud, if you are hosted with a partner,

you can connect up to the performance services and get clearer understanding of what's going on inside your deployment. We're doing all of this work both for Maria and for Chris and service of delivering even better experience. But you know, we're not the only company out there who really focuses on experience. We have some great Partners who also are on this journey with us to deliver great experience and none better at focusing on that experienced and Microsoft. And so please join me in welcoming to Stage Brad Anderson corporate vice president Enterprise

experiences in management. Is it how I give you a hug? I have to say welcome back. It's like coming home here. I've been so long. In fact my first time actually 1998 21 years ago and was called spinergy, you know, we've learned together to deliver new innovation new value. I think in many ways set the mark in the industry. And in fact when I used to work directly for stock Yeah in our weekly one-on-one, we would often talked about the Innovation. We were doing in the importance of Pacific partnership. I in fact, you know rather me talk about this stuff, but since

you're right Thank you Brad. As I meet with Business Leaders around the world. It's clear that digital technology is transforming every place every industry everything whether it's Precision agriculture or Precision medicine from Smart cities to Smart factories digital transformation is changing how we live and how we work at Microsoft. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve mall court is Department ship with companies like Citrix working

closely with Citrix. We aim to help our mutual customers tribe in this era of Rapid technological change Citrix long being a leader in Windows and Windows app virtualization and this leadership now extends to the cloud we're working together to deliver the best virtual desktop experience or nausea by bringing together the power windows virtual desktop with Citrix cloud service. They're working together to stick y'all the modern workplace enabling employees to securely access the applications that need from anywhere on any device by integrating Citrix services with EMS.

And we're working together to optimize Microsoft teams for Citrix virtualization. So or any organization can make full use of both hosted desktop and teams. And this is just a start. I'm excited about what yet to come and our Collective opportunity. I had thank you all very very much and I wish you a great event. All right, so it's kind of set the stage live in about some of the things were going to talk about today. Did you really simplify work focuses its Microsoft 365 and Azure Microsoft 365 modern workplace.

Is it delivers that experience enables users to achieve more be productive across other devices in a way that users love and I T trust. You know, this is Windows 10. This is Office 365 and iCloud management security device management EMS Windows 10 devices that are actively being used recently announced it is 180 million monthly active users of Office 365 and across our management capabilities were now managing more than a hundred fifty million Windows Iowa's and winnemac devices that data

comes back that becomes the most interesting talk waiting all day is as you and David talked about for inside and automation let you know as yours now being used by more than 90% of the Fortune 500 you having work on this since day one. The scale is just mind-boggling at times know you and I were both are in the early days of that. You liked it when people think about trust it's about enterprise-ready. We have the most broad stead of compliances song in the interview more than 90 certifications gun. Finally, you know, we spend more than a billion dollars a year and just security

Investments going to and from an engineering perspective the majority of which ensuring that Ash remains that securing fucking Cloud platform was Taco something for doing across both of those that would be great. And I have to say that certain you when I talked to Enterprise customers, we got ass regularly about the partnership because they understand and they realize just how important it is that our Technologies work really well together and certainly the momentum that you have around Windows 10 and Office 365 in tune with something that's that's important to all of our our

customers and to all of our partners also in our teams get together and ending with myself. We sit down and meet them in Microsoft 365 Asher what's the next to the innovations that align with the both of us are doing and what you need what must I've been to go from the data center to the device while I'm walking to the network walk all the way out to the endpoint. So let's start with some announcements. The first announcement that I'm delighted to make is that were introducing a Citrix managed Desktop Service for Azure exclusively for azure.

So is this is this is a turnkey that service boats with Citrix technology and Microsoft Technology combined on Azure to make it so easy for organizations of many sides of the scales to really get the benefits of a First-Class Windows Experience on Azure from Citrix that we love that you historically vdi has been one of the top 10 workload in the data center. So bringing this as urants having this hybrid control plane from Citrix has is just wonderful. I think the thing that's that everyone should just remember about this is

why this is so important to service on top of a shirts about the experience has been talked about this morning and specifics about proximity, you know, we have more of azure cloud and what that means is that distance from your users to where the windows workstation is running is shorter and then that cold location of the vdi instances in Azure Office. 365 is co-located mean that Extended to the user to the data is the smallest possible that's key to living that great experience. And so that's why the key things I think differentiates this offer on top of badger.

We pretty focused on making it as simple and turn key as possible. So here on Citrix Cloud gets to basically create a catalog and assign some users to a picture as bad there as your region that they want. You can see that some of these folks here have just a regular email address. We pick a Windows 10 image. We add the applications to it and send an invite out to each of those individual users and in a matter of hours from that one experience that I can build a set of death tops that go to all of those users. Think about what I've been doing for 20 years. I think this is as flying down yesterday

concert the server Farm auto provisioning load balancing you were innovating on this. You know decades ago and we're also building this turn key service for partners. So that partners connect to pick up this and deliver it to their customers. Also, we know that that's going to be really important. It's not the only use case. In fact, we've thought about it contingent workers mergers and Acquisitions. There are probably some more clothes that are entirely suited to this particular turn key solution. And so we expecting in

Enterprises to see a mixture of traditional absinthe at stops along with the Citrix managed desktop a distributed computing centralized Computing in with Microsoft 365. Not modern workplace Christmas can choose how they want to deliver that Twitter users in most organizations use a combination. We work together. So one of the biggest Innovations from you this year that Worlds Apart ring on taking advantage of it is the support for the Windows Virtual desktop instances in in measure. So this is a

big innovation and it's great to see the new capabilities that you were going to deliver natively for Windows running in Azure and we're just going to support that is a new type of deployment that you can manage from from Citrus clouds from along with our other apps on desktop solution has Microsoft Word citizens always understood and we work together to make sure there's value on top of that. You know, which Windows Virtual desktop is a couple of key things to understand about a first while it's the only license in the market. Will you can host Windows 10 desktop

any public Cloud it contains, you know the ability for you to this is a part of Microsoft 365 E3. So all the licenses for virtualization are a part of that and I take it the interest in this is just been off the chart. Put this in preview there been more than 4,500 unique and it's already created like exceeded all the expectations of how about we we love the fact that Citrus is in is in introducing this more than 18 months and the work is done phenomenally. Well

offered a One support for the Windows Virtual desktop from Citrix Cloud as soon as it's available exactly right about these models of a hosted Computing is is the consumption footprint actually starts to matter a lot and it's because of the way we've the architect it to run on Windows and our investments and protocols where she seeing substantial performance differences relative to our competition in some of these areas. So free sample written test that we've done we've seen up to 89% difference in cost of running our Epson desktop solution

default settings vs. VMware Horizon blast extreme on the same the same platform. Display then to a I think an important decision. Customer going to have to make about the cost of ownership over time, especially if they see increased usage because that consumption is an ongoing part of the way. They have to think about the the that the cost of their deployment. So if we have great Windows running in Azure, the next thing people would want this great application experiences in teams for those.

I just change how you work. You know, I spend more time in teams. Now that I do an email, I think about those individuals who are coming to my inner loop the ones that you interact with the most. It's exclusively on teams Now teams has the fastest the fastest adopted application in Microsoft history there more than a half of a million unique organizations running this in production right now. No 91 of the Fortune 100 are using it the the interest and the adoption of this has has just been amazing again. The fastest are the point of the fastest embracing attending application in

Microsoft history. And so we work together to optimize team and specific together to deliver that great experience in a virtualized environment. Because it's just an extremely important application. That's where this morning. We were just shy of 300,000 users that are using team on top of civics today in production today until it's been fantastic. One of the things I think that we've both observed as customers have moved more to SAS stand to fill out applications is that it

changes the way to think about their networks. You want to talk a little bit about what you've discovered and and and and in partnership with us some of the work that we're doing together. You don't want to respond to have the company as I run was called The Fast Track organization, which is the engineering. I'm Tina's response Microsoft 365 before we can even get for example Office 365 deploy. There's two things we always have to do we have to have them stretch their identities up in the cloud with Azure active directory and Jeremy have to help him redesign their networks. Most

organizations have a hub-and-spoke model of what they were built for when there were no cloud services at the modernize it you know, I take a look at some of the reports to come back on our dashboards. Are you can see what the experiences of a file open of getting email and when we see experiences that are slow inevitably it comes down to a networking issue where the company is to start. Core Network reported as I know he needs to be updated. We've been Partners very closely with the Office 365 team who really understands the signature in the nature of Office 365 traffic and

instead of rotting that back over Network to a corporate headquarters which intent and turn routes it back to to Microsoft. We're diverting that traffic from the branch directly shortest path to the nearest Office 365 point of presence and the result of that is kind of Staggering performance games. That customers are saying sometimes Brad. I used to work on database benchmarks. Where are you going to instrument the database and you would have the timer's right before and after so you can catch the smallest differences in the

performance band if it was big difference, if you could use a stopwatch, I think you could use the office in this case some of these differences. Really noticeable to users and this is this is truly deep integration. If you organization have done together, you know, we see so much of the capabilities of sitters hastur from the network perspective in use so making that great experience and this is all about during an incredible experience as you use Earth moving in using mobile devices in the cloud and getting away from that Boomerang a back to the company that have for the

cloud Office 365 version of bad and we pushed it all the way up through for a virtual apps and desktops and managed desktop, which means that that last mile inside of a seizure is also part of that past that's protected and optimize from the branch all the way through to your running Windows instance. So we think this is another great Innovation networking challenges for Enterprise technology is all about it making your users more effective. Okay, do we have more I think we actually do have more about the changes you've made recently and into that, you know, so as we as we were doing

early the planets of Office 365 one of the things that we started to see was Cecil's in our in our country could come by and see like a wheel of the concept of moving to the cloud with Office 365 but the perimeter of a security model we had in place doesn't doesn't help us anymore because then mobile devices are talking directly to the cloud to go figure out how to Pioneer the concept of conditional access in the cloud or you could not rely upon the perimeter and sew in Microsoft 365 be built with call conditional accent what that allows have to do is have a perspective of the trust of a

user the trusted device in a zero trust model and only Grant access to the services if they use your device combination is trusted but we've now been able to do is you know with with with EMS was going to Saint Cloud management. I get any security solution. We now have more than a hundred billion licenses in the market is by far the most commonly used tool to manage our identities as well as device. We're building a new API into in tune, but all LOL out Solutions like xenmobile to be able to send information in a cloud to Cloud Model that we will then be able to take and use as we

determine the trust level of a device and so was Ann mobile MDM manager of ice is not going to be able to send Telemetry into into into will take that combine with other data sets and then flow into the rest of the Microsoft 365 conditional access to those of you were using xenmobile today this another example of how we're working together to make that experience better give you that great experience in a zero trust model Brad were both very focused on delivering a great unified experience to customers I think security is the other area where our joint customers hope that were

collaborating for the Ritz chips analytics connected into the security grass or is the into an apis and conditional access integration with Woods on mobile. Secure experience for trying to get out of this to any of or for far too long organizations had to choose between a great experience or security or not. We're delivering that great and user experience. Modern workplace It Love by users and trusted by IIT and the great work that we're doing together on Windows Virtual desktop,

and on Windows many steps have service Pacific manage that stop service and an SD wine and all of the networking work the HDX optimization for teams, and finally the into an integration work. We really are taking an end-to-end view. I'm really trying to deliver a great experience for customers. It's been a fantastic year for the partnership. We recently renewed our partnership agreement. I'm sure we have a signing ceremony at some point at the end of the agreement has been renewed yet. Again. Thank you for your ongoing partnership read. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

So we talked a lot about experience in many different facets of area where were contributing to improving the user experience. We fundamentally believe that they intelligent an automated experience that we're delivering inside. The Citrix workspace will really transform the way that we think about work and the way we think about delivering the best experience to employees people-centric performance analytics work that we're doing it when put in the hands of it for the first time ever real at user experience metric stores that they can use to measure the performance that they're

delivering. We think that's absolutely crucial and four important Flagship product like Office 365. We fundamentally believe that we're delivering the best experience everywhere. Thank you. Please welcome vice president product marketing Calvin shoe. Wow, that you intelligent experience in the Citrix workspace is really going to go a long way towards helping employees like Maria solve that problem having too many apps too much context switching and being engaged at work, but there's another big challenge that we all have.

security privacy Appliance What are a lot of technology that we can go out there and buy to protect our servers and our infrastructure affect our networks reality is that it's people it's us you guys. That are the most vulnerable Threat Vector in our organization. Is that what you're trying to do something bad or risky? It's just we're trying to get our job done as efficiently as possible. What is a panning in an organization? guys like Chris and the security operations teams By 2021 they're going to spend over a

trillion dollars in the private sector alone just on digital security capabilities. That's just a technology piece of it. We're about building that list of behaviors and policies that list of nose. Don't do this. Don't do that. Ben was here as ever had to put together security policy document now you do a little search online and try to find some of the template there's literally hundreds of pages of templates. Listing everything that employees can't do shouldn't do muscle do. a boy that small percentage of

employees that actually read that policy document and then and could actually answer a policy quiz and pass compliance. That works great, right? But clearly that's not going to be the answer. And in fact 80% of cesos say that they get regular complaints that the security measures that they put in place. Are not only harming productivity. weather hampering innovation So let's talk about taking a new approach Brad and TJ were talking to balance that experience with security. And where

a lot of security Technologies are focused on disabling with an end music and do the Citrix workspace is focused on M abling the employee. Giving them a great experience while allowing it to have the security of the peace of mind that it needs about that. The fundamentally what we're going to do in our approach is going to take security a core aspect of the workspace. We're going to place security measures in right next to that user experience. Then user going to love so much. And if we're going to give it the choice of how did Implement that what solutions to use to

create that security? Okay, so let's dive into this approach and how this is going to look for the promise of the workspace. We've been saying all along. Everything you need to be productive. in one unified experience and I knew intelligent experience is why employees will prefer to do their work in the workspace. I want to say that again employees are going to want everything coming through the work space. It's more efficient than more productive is more engaging. And they're going to want you. The Biltmore

micro apps to put all the applications then you sat service that they subscribe to without you knowing about it. They're going to ask you to make sure that that goes to work fast because their experience is better there. And in that process we get them into a more secure environment. But you know what, you're not going to put all of your apps in one basket unless you know that you have an end and approach for securing that environment. That's why we're delivering that great experience. We're also going to deliver a host of security capabilities, and that's what I'm here

to talk to you about today. So what makes Citrix has approached the security a little bit unique? Well, we address the what the who the how and the why of securing all those applications? So purkh with what we know what device you're using endpoint management capabilities and Integrations with things like EMS. Do we understand what the device is what their security posture? Is it in compliance or not? Let me know who is using that device. The broker the identity the number of identity provider. We give him a single secure

sign-on experience provide multi-factor work-appropriate, which is pretty much all the time. And then we know who they are what it is that they're authorized to be doing. And then we can see how they're accessing their applications as well. I threw the workspace you can see what virtual after using virtual desktop if it's a virtual browser. If it's a virtual browser that runs in the Citrix cloud and able to offload some of that gray area traffic into into our cloud. Maybe it's just a web Gateway doing some URL filtering

will give you control over the environment that is used to access that application. Last but not least the why why are they accessing that data in the first place? What information are they after are they authorized to use it? Is it within their normal behavior profile be accessing it and then set some access controls and rides around that. So this framework provides the basis for applying a lot of different types of policies policies that I'm sure a lot of you here as Citrix customers are very familiar with and you rely on this day today to

build trust into your it environments so we can do things like eliminate cut copy paste limit printing capabilities. maybe filter out some URLs make sure that people aren't going to spice that they shouldn't be I know these policies and get applied now to the entire workspace the last year at Cinergy when we introduced the workspace. One of the big things that came out of there was holding in that world of SAS applications and being able to provide these types of policies that you've done for decades really on Virtual desktop start doing that with your sass

applications as well. Here's a quick reminder of what that looks like. Inaction I'd so in this scenario found. This is the the current work space and we're going to launch a fast application. In this case. We don't watch Salesforce and if you watch closely it's going to actually launched into a browser the native browser embedded in the workspace for which we have policy controls. We can set things like the watermarking in the background. Cut copy paste clipboard is disabled if you don't want information going out at Salesforce and if they

hit something like a URL like the piratebay.org somewhere. We don't want people going when it launches. We got some URL filtering right? We know that that's restricted. But there are other cases where the end user is going somewhere Instagram, for example, a lot of our employees today. They don't exist. If every day isn't posted on Instagram, so we let them do it. We do it in a secured remote browser. You can tell by that little semicircle tab at the top of that browser window that is a virtual session going to the Citrix Cloud running up browser off of your network and providing it

secure experience. So there in just a few seconds you can see exactly what the worst days does for security ideas The end-user A Team with experience didn't have to think about different ways of accessing different applications. We know who they are. We know what devices are using. We know why they're trying to get at some information and we just make policy decisions. We react with security capabilities. So when we introduced last year, this was built around a cloud service and built for our cloud deployments. And so I'm happy to introduce to you today. And

you development where this Access Control capability is going to be available for hybrid as well using your own friends storefront and enabling you to manage control using the same infrastructure that you already have in place with your birth collapse and desktops infrastructure providing a seamless on ramp into this capability. That means not only can you provide this type of control for those stats applications? But you can also now also secure your on-prem whereabouts as well it so you'll have

consistent policy enforcement regardless whether that app is on prambors coming from a cloud implementation. You have hybrid Insight that go across an entire environment integrated analytics. That'll come and feed the user Behavior profile. And of course the friction list scene with experience for end users. That's not the only thing we're doing for security in the workspace. We're also introducing some brand new capabilities that expand the security policies available Within. So, where'd you do thing to treat me new features anti key-logging and screen

capture protection. So if you follow any of the the trade rags in the space, then you know that he logging has overtaken fishing as the number one way that hackers try to get your data is keylogging up. You got to be worried about this feature comes into the workspace at a very timely moment. So let's look at what it looks like without this protection. I'm built into the workspace. I'm so on the left hand side there your screen to see that dark box. That is the hacker of you if you will. So that's the keylogging software receiving the information

out of the workplace. And so the end-users is going in and typing something into their search bar in Salesforce and can see it comes across as clear text on without the protection policies in place. Amanda neighbor to go to screen capture utility the end-user does this and they try to take a screenshot of that Salesforce record and it gets captured in that screenshot utility pixel-for-pixel. Obviously, that's not that's not what we want. If yours with that same scenario looks like now with the new protection policies in place. So now in the end user goes

and goes into this Salesforce screen and starts typing in there. There we go. What comes across to the hacker is basically just garbage random character spewed out while they're typing. And then when they go in to go and do a screenshot. Now they use the same utility. And dragged across make a rectangle. All they're going to get is just a blank gray box pretty cool, right? The right away you can see how much help this provides by building this into the workspace. We're trading policies that a good that'll work space

level not at an individual application Level. I'm having this at the workspace level means that everything in your workspace is protected. when I say everything I mean Authentication dialogues Your Citrix files and documents that get manifested there through the work face. Those are protected by these capabilities that entire notification feed going to show up in that work face that's protected all the micro apps and all the cars that slide out with those actions and users to quickly take that's protected. Of course your virtual

desktop. The HDX sessions are all protected. And Sass applications by the embedded browser or virtual browser. Those are all protected by the same policies as well. Don't application delivered by the workspace is more secure than delivered. Any other way and end users are going to want to be secure because they're going to want the end user experience that intelligent experience. Another thing that really causes this issue between and user experience in security is when there's the false positive right when a security policy is

triggered and I didn't really need to be What are the situation of crying wolf? You got a little pitch piece of the picture. You see a little bit of what's going on you think oh my God that looks like a threat. Let me start shutting things down. The list of nose goes in the place. Don't do this. Don't do that. And if you only have that limited view you only get a small piece of the picture. It looks like a big threat. But if you had a little more information you can pull out a little bit and realized that's not a

wolf at all. Just a cute little puppy dog. Get even more information and a fuller sense of what the context is and you realize that maybe you didn't realize what was happening at all. It's just a kid with a t-shirt playing on a playground. So have you met information and being able to understand very broadly what's going on in the environment is extremely important to be able to build a security posture. And that's the reason that we're introducing analytics integration with a number of key Partners in the industry.

So Microsoft building around their security graph tons of information going in there were able to integrate pass some information from Citrix to Microsoft and receive some risk flag from them as well. Wisp like we're sending data out of our analytics into the into the Splunk environment. So if your second option is based on that and reading the dashboard from there, they get the additional information from Citrix with Ping Identity of the Regal to consume some of our user base risk profile and enhance their authentication policies and take action there. Music a little bit

more into what it means particular with its integration with Microsoft. So thinking about just the Citrix analytics platform today by we've got about a hundred million touchpoint with end users globally a lot of information about how do using applications which devices are using them from bringing that into the Citrix analytics platform and then were able to actually enforce some policies and take some action on the environment making sure that end users are behaving well, Add our hundred million to about a 2 billion login to Microsoft cloud infrastructure. We get information from

a Jose the advanced threat protection all those resources become part of that data set where you get that broad picture of what's Happening. And you get additional enforcement points across office across azure. The really build out that picture. I'm also happy to announce that while we're building out all these that we're taking these Global as well. So coming soon. We're introducing Citrus analyst will be available in Europe and Asia Pacific. and if you think about

the security environment and the ecosystem of partners that were rebuilding around you also need to be aware of what we're doing from a war space security initiative with a Citrix ready program. Expand our capabilities to integrate with those Partners help protect those fast applications web apps Windows application to go through the work space. And over 30,000 solution partner validations have already occurred through Citrix ready. It's a really expanding your security capabilities. Sound like a ship to use for a second and I just

talked about one of these industries that really is born on bouncing that experience in security. And that's Healthcare Acquisitions. They demand the best in their devices that they use the applications that they use because it means quality of patient care you mean productivity in the number of patients that they can see during the day so that experience and that efficiency is extremely important. What I'd like to do is invite the stage a customer of ours and their special customer Partners Healthcare. Partners

was founded in 1994 by Brigham and Women's Hospital in Massachusetts General Hospital. The provider network has grown significantly to include community of specialty hospitals and Managed Care Organization Physician Network community health centers home care and other health related entities are also the recipient of many awards certainly for being a top place to work for me. They really understand that Employee Engagement experience. But they've also been recognized for being Innovative in their use of Information Technology. I'm giving using Citrix technology for long time

to make that transition to Cloud our networking as well as a virtual apps and desktops deliver electronic medical records, the more than 35,000 concurrent users. And so I'm here to talk a bit more about that and share some experiences. I'm very happy to bike to the stage herb Harrison director of information systems at Partners Healthcare. Back to Johnny has her supporting Healthcare operations and you have to manage that experience and security. So what weather do collisions need with what the organization determine compliance and security perspective

and mostly because we have to stay ahead of the Bad actors out there. So that means we're going to have to constantly look at the access of our applications how that data is getting delivered and making sure it's as secure as possible. Meanwhile Oceanside they need faster and easier way to access that data so they can deliver a better quality care. So with that in mind we engineered 2000 applications to be Acts. Securely from our data center where this as really help the user experience is at the presentation layer using Citrix workspace has allowed us

to give them the same consistent experienced regardless of whether they are inside or outside of our network has been so you got to provide those resources to sit all those different community centers and things that I just lift it out. I'm so how are you managing that that distribution of the health care practices are too many of the other industries that has a distributed Workforce. It's really about the workers and the work is it distributed. So it's about now asking if those workers

what is it that you need in order to be productive and what we're hearing is that they want flexibility and choice they want to be able to be able to work the same way regardless of what device are on regardless of where they were Whether it's home or in the cafe in the office or maybe even abroad so leveraging the 2,000 applications that we have access and we've been able to present them are using some paperwork or face the ability to now be able to give them those applications anywhere anytime and on any device

in addition to serving as people all over the regional locations. I know you drop the moving to Cloud you making that whole transition up the clouds. Sure. The approach of Partners is really more of a cloud considered strategy and what really what that means is that we understand that the cloud isn't going the way we will embrace the cloud. But only when it makes sense to our business needs so we will take it on a case-by-case basis as we have new initiatives come out. Okay, and I

take it you've been investigating Citrix Cloud as well. We have investigated the Citrix cloud and we have definitely seen the value in being able to have the control plane that the workspace solution uses. I've been delivered in the cloud. And as of right now we have been able to have a thousand of those two thousand applications we have in our data center 1,000 of those are now being launched using the Citrix Cloud control plane. Wow. So if I think you're truly exemplary out this idea of trying to

balance experience with security as well as provide choice and toys and devices and location. Thank you for your partnership and and for being such a great customer and join me here up and stayed in telling her story. Thank you. Thank you. All right, so the clothes out the SEC. What do you need to keep a few things in mind from Citrix? Are you able to get that terrific balance of experience that intelligent experience now? With security as well. Bouncing out choice, but you can use multiple

different devices different types of applications. And multiple analytics platforms. Of course, we have the most comprehensive set of work space protection policies as you saw extending that even further with anti key-logging screen protection capabilities. Last apple and and analytics capability-building that work space and available for use right now. Thank you very much. Text Kyle. So we've talked about experience. We've talked about security and for the next few minutes before we wrap up. We're going to talk about

choice. Obviously in our industry, this is a little bit of a buzzword. In fact is a lot of companies. It's a we support your choice so long as it's choosing between one of the things that we want to sell you. SF roots, of course, you know we understand how important flexibility is. It was specially as your infrastructure just changes year-to-year and we recognize that you need the flexibility to choose really how and where you run your workload based on factors like performance in cost and others and of course Choice across device in the Enterprise spend the next few minutes digging

into this and it showing you some of the new solutions that we've built really help you make this reality. And one partner that we're working very closely with year, of course is Google and so it's my pleasure to Welcome to the stage Robinson president of Google Cloud. Good morning. Thank you. Welcome a new job. And thanks for making this the very first customer conference you at then it was Jump Right In obviously everybody in the world is familiar with Google. Right and everybody is familiar with Google Cloud,

but I'm not sure everybody really understands the true scope and scale. So how should people be thinking about Google Cloud these days? Think about Google cloud is big and we are seeing momentum across multiple Industries and sectors. If you just look at the the media and entertainment industry LC9 of the top 10 companies use Google Cloud 7 out of the top 10 retail companies six out of the top 10 energy and utility companies and we seen the same level of momentum in many more Industries and it surprises and it's an exciting time for us at Google especially with

some of the nonsense we going to make today with Citrix as well. So for many of your recently just joined Google and I can say from the Fresh perspective on the Technologies incredible is warcross infrastructure, and it is truly an amazing engineering company and digital transformation. I believe Google turn off to you and amazing partnership. So just on that same topic customers are choosing Google Cloud these days talk about what's the difference? Yeah, when you when we talk to the walls Enterprises about digital transformation, they talk about

security liability hybrid IML, smart analytics and a few other things. But if you look at Google's core competencies, it puts us in a unique position to help solve these problems with leaders like yourselves at Citrix, but break it down just two categories security and reliability. Data center network net worth $2 round the world under ocean C cable that connect the data and it's highly highly available and you can look at you know, any of the First Alliance Technologies

results to see that other thing which is also very unique with Google cloud is so with answers. We truly let your applications run on modified, Illinois famous world or on any public cloud. And I would say but I an ml Google is recognized as one of the leaders with artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you look at smart analytics and be glad when we can do with massive amounts of data and the platforms that we bring from other areas of Google like Maps assistance voice

Chrome Android all into the picture truly makes Google uniquely ready to help customers and digital transformation great stuff. So we've been partners for long-time sister Texas had in simplifying. I teased everyday will place and helping people become more productive and efficient in their jobs in apartment with Citrix means we can bring these capabilities to Google Cloud. How customers and invade Google scale infrastructure and compute power in septic services

both a partner as well as a customer of Google Cloud partnership because we've seen the volume of customers that are really looking to move their Citrix absent desktop workloads to Google Cloud so long with a deeper integration that we've been working on across the G Suite portfolio. And of course Chrome and Android devices extend that actually buy really taking it to another another level is superior experience together. So that's why today I'm excited to announce the Citrix workspace with

machine creation services for automated me information on Google Cloud platform is available on demand today. And it's going to be rolled out to everybody by the third quarter of 2019. So it's a key technology for stealing virtual apps and desktops in the cloud today since it's easily de in unified digital work spaces and bringing these solutions to Google cloud has been a priority for I said Google and this is the most important part is a big win for our customers. Our joint customers are seeing a lot

of joint customers actually already signing up who got one of the world's largest renewable energy companies moving there citric acid dust off work loads to Google Cloud right now. So Rob we think about little bit more long-term if you can talk for a minute about what you're most excited about for Google cloud and how do Partnerships like the ones that we have between Citrus and Google really help drive. Then I couldn't be more excited about the future full Google Cloud approach to Enterprise businesses has to be the trusted Enterprise Cloud partner for Fortune 5000

companies as they transition to the clock. You also want to be the easiest way to do business with investing massively more sales and distribution channels to meet us demand working on my number of operational improvements around pricing and Contracting to make an easy pass to do business with working Without Partners in an open-source ecosystem environment too much more technology Partnerships to open that up introducing a new program for customer success of a focus on how we converting from use it to advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle and a partnership and the launch of work

space on Google Cloud. It's just another big step forward in a journey. And so we look forward to working with you David and even more humble off of all of your customers and I'll thank you so much for being here with us. And as we work with all of our customers on digital transformation, we want to party with the best and that's cool. But clouds. I'm looking forward to the future this partnership. And again, thanks so much for being you. Are all the great announcements were making with Google Now.

So as David mentioned we have several initial announcements that I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about today between 6 and Google Cloud the first one that I want to spend a few more about the G Suite integration into the Citrix workspace experience where we're going to surface appropriately the notifications that come from trees Suites collaboration tools into the workspace so that they that context is carried forward between the collaboration tools and and the individual workspace experience. Thank you.

I'm also really pleased to announce 6abc High availability for Google Cloud clothes, especially their most mission-critical were close to to go to this provides a robust enterprise-ready solution for your networking on on Google. I also ran really pleased to announce adding support for Google identity into the Citrix workspace. For customers who have chosen to use on Google identity inside their organization or for those m&a or broader use case scenario for you have mixed

directories. We're not going to support the den to be alongside. The other enterprise-ready identity services that we already have support today for Microsoft active directory and Azure active directory and with OCTA paying and Google all being delivered. We now support the widest set of identity providers all with multi-factor Authentication. So this is really the definition of choice supporting was identity systems and identity Investments. Customer says Made. We also recognized that

you've made in your organization's whether it be your clouds are your hypervisors or other layers of infrastructure and we continue to invest in and support each one of these sometimes they merge an interesting ways and delighted to announce that we are adding today upcoming support for Citrix virtual apps and desktops on VMware cloud. So let's think for a few minutes about our friend Chris and what's actually happening as organizations are moving to these new infrastructure. Sundays

new clouds in general organizations are not listing their current infrastructure in applications. And just that moving them to the plowed. They're using it as an opportunity to rebuild to reimagine to rethink how they could leverage some of the great you can be better Days Inn in Google AWS are the other public clouds and so at our core are getting rebuilt on these new Cloud platforms. And today we all use applications that are Cloud hosted that are beneficiaries of this much more modern dynamic way of building applications specific example from

Maria Maria needs to update a photo for her professional social network. And so she takes a selfie with her with her phone and uploads it to a cloud pretty standard as you would. Back to burn the flag for will get stored but along the way that photo will also probably be getting geotagged by a separate application service that's running in that cloud. And in fact official recognition. I also run against that photo. So instead of loosely coupled microservices all cooperating to deliver a much more

integrated in completing application. And so what we written in the cloud as a series and a collection of microservices application components and almonds that need to be managed in a very very different way to how you would have managed to traditional application. I took Chris His infrastructure has gone from looking like this to in reality. Probably looking a little bit more like this. Cloud-hosted applications. Some sass applications may be a private clouds that he's also hosted in

and the attendant Network challenge. Well at the same time we've been working very hard on our Citrix sd-wan and Citrix ATC products to provide networking capabilities that support Chris in this journey to the cloud and to this more diverse and heterogeneous Network infrastructure, by the way at the same time that those applications should be moving to the cloud clouds have in fact been moving back to on-premises implementations Outpost Azure stack and and fuss all require modern networking.

Also in addition to the cloud Footprints. In fact, this is much more likely to be the picture. What Chris really needs now is manageability and visibility and control that span that infrastructure and that's what he gets with Citrix ATM a set of common tools that allow you to manage all the instances of citrus networking across your entire deployment. When we think about delivering our networking services in this hybrid multi-cloud world, we do it with a view to actually accelerating your move to the cloud. We want to deliver

the ABC functions that you need on whatever form factor matter to you. We want them to run on all the clouds. We want to give you license portability and flexibility about 4 You deploy them. We want to give you and lyrics and inside and machine learning that spans the entire portfolio. And today I'm delighted to add a new member to this family the bare metal version of Citrix ATC Citrix BLX. This is the version of our ABC software that you can run on whatever Harbor you think is appropriate to match the

performance characteristics of your workload. And now by adding this to the family we offer you unmatched capabilities across the entire array of dedicated Hardware. Bring your own Hardware Solutions virtualized image versions of networking are containerized version with a common application deployment management system that sits in front of providing atletics visibility in control across all of that and not Justa dream unified the form factors for delivery. We've also supported the widest array of Licensing models from perpetual motion in pool

and we build a set of technologies that support the widest set of traffic that you need to manage. So this really is a very comprehensive picture. Open customers adopt Citrix technology to accelerate their movement into a hybrid multi Cloud environment. But it's not just about networking. really the choices that you face off and pivot around ecosystems, you know earlier today Brad and I walked through a fairly comprehensive picture of all the ways that we integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem, whether it's with the

cloud with the networks with the devices with the applications with the identity, but the core infrastructure But based on the announcements that we just made with regard to Google you could actually draw a very similar picture that shows our partnership and our integration opportunities with their capabilities. Also, if only life were that simple that it was two ecosystems that you brought provided Enterprise technology. The reality is that your grappling with Nanny more significant players who offer really terrific technology to you, but you have to turn somewhere

for a platform that helps you integrate all of them. And the list will it kind of goes on depending on the nature of your business and the type of ecosystems that you interact with? Our perspective is that you shouldn't be limited in the choice of ecosystem that you choose to use Citrix view is that we are that platform that unifies all of those ecosystems and brings them together and allows you to deliver a consistent experience high-quality experience to all your users no matter what application or Hardware or network or Cloud you choose.

This is at the heart of the promise that Citrix makes about delivering the future of work. I took to conclude this section on choice. I'd like to highlight a couple of things that I think are critically important. The first one is are single architecture for supporting. That's hybrid multi Cloud environment allowing customers the flexibility and the control. They need to deploy applications where they need to operate their business out of the box connectors that we're delivering the connect to all of the applications and our

ecosystem and our continued incredibly broad support for our partners in the ecosystem Who deliver Solutions with us to be comprehensively delivered the end-to-end experiences that you need to run your business. Thank you. the future after you've just seen the future isn't that far away Citrix is a better way to work for Maria and all employees because an action served up intelligently to guide her and simplified one click windows for greater productivity. Even on the go Citrix

remove the noise from Maria's day. She can do her best work mean while Chris and the IT team benefit as well as extending outperformance abuse and security everywhere work needs to get done the work space for all. Allwood simplified management proactive insight and analytics and greater flexibility and control unify sure and tell it this is how we work then it's citric IQ. So as you just heard today, the future is really coming out as fast a lot of different dimensions, you know, I started the day talking about you know,

how Citrus is working hard to really Bridge Shield people and Technology together making people more productive on their terms while increasing engagement across work. We're doing that by delivering a platform that covers all users and all application types apply from the really helps regardless of whether their power users or just at you know, simple requirements of productivity in a couple of SAS apps to everybody while again allowing you to distract out a lot of that complexity of segmenting people interviewing it all through a single pane of glass and to deliver that we

explored across these three big areas workspace networking and Analytics. In the workspace renovated rapidly right now. We're infusing it with intelligence and abele mobile productivity while expanding security at the same time. Analytics we brought the capabilities to include powerful performance analytics, you know partner support deep Integrations in widening availability around the world. And of course in networking, you know, we continue to enable the broad Choice across ecosystems from great great Partners, like Microsoft and Google and we're standing with new capabilities to

give you even more choice and more flexibility across the infrastructure. I'd say there's a hole here. We really firing on all cylinders right now delivering the intelligent experience the Integrated Security and really the unmatched choice that businesses like yours deserve. So everything we talked about today is available now or in the hands were beta customers today will be available throughout the year on a g a basis we're doing this quickly because frankly we think the future is right now. So thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of Citrix Synergy 2018. Let's

enjoy the show.

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