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Citrix Synergy TV - SYN211 - HDX: it's all about the user experience

Mark Howell
Senior Product Manager at Citrix
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Citrix Synergy Atlanta 2019
May 23, 2019, Atlanta, GA, United States
Citrix Synergy Atlanta 2019
Citrix Synergy TV - SYN211 - HDX: it's all about the user experience
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Mark Howell
Senior Product Manager at Citrix
Fernando Klurfan
Principal Product Manager at Citrix
Aravind Namasivayam
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Miguel Contreras
Senior Product Manager at Citrix
Roberto Moreno
Senior Corporate Account Manager at Citrix

About the talk

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is synonymous with high-definition user experience (HDX). In this session, the Citrix HDX experts—the product managers—will show how Citrix continues to drive industry-leading innovation, ensuring our solutions deliver the best possible user experience for virtual apps and desktops. Discover what HDX has delivered over the past year to help your users be more productive and engaged. Attendees will leave the session with deeper insights into what the HDX teams are doing to continue to deliver the best user experience and help your operation run more smoothly.Note: This session will be live-streamed during the event and available for on-demand viewing post-event on Citrix Synergy TV.


Alright, welcome everyone. I'm still digesting everything. I saw the super session with Eric. I am mind blowing. So let me try and get into a c x a frame of mine here. So we all know in the 21st century. The employees are the number one asset at any company. So you probably want to keep what we call an users happy more importantly productive and engaged. We all know you was hers already struggle with Legacy enterprise software. I thought was building this bag. I was reminded of a

catastrophic event that Avon went through back in 2009. I believe when I hundred 25 million dollar project. That was a complete failure due to users starting quitting because of a new ordering system that was implemented. Now. Imagine if on top of these you introduce fertilization or remote delivery and make things even worse. Usability is critical in the environment today the days were your secrets and barment was used only to deliver those mission-critical

applications are long gone. We see all of our customers today publishing and delivering all types of applications and content with our Technologies in cases a full desktop experience. The modern workplace extends and has evolved and it's way past the walls on your building office. It is anywhere and everywhere. So awesome and you at it teams have been challenged to keep up with the user demands? This means users are now using all types of devices laptops tablets smartphones in all kinds of networks. Mostly

Wireless, but also sell like LTE 4G in whenever we actually see if I leave becoming a reality even within a compost as you search wrong between hotspots. There's Network variations and all of these introduces interference latency packet loss just creating a birth birth conditions that can impact anything that's deliver remotely significantly. all of the theaters now require high-end Graphics as well the number of Professional Graphics workstation send designers that are converting into vti is exponentially growing. I get to hear from all kinds of customers on a

daily basis trying to get this done and fast. And it's not only the high-end, you know cats your average designer is also the regular office worker applications that require graphics acceleration having growing. In fact, it's TT 2011 because some of the day that we get from her very good friend sending video over half of the Enterprise users today use an application that requires Graphics acceleration Windows 10 starting up the the menu and looking at those tiles that you can benefit from gpus and everybody now once

Pixel Perfect high-resolution 4K and of course multiple monitors Collaboration 80s eight critical aspect of any company these days. So at it you better be ready to support the latest and greatest when it comes to unify Communications multimedia multi casting in all types of media formats. And of course, we can't forget about all the external devices and pray for all those. Your users are going to expect they work flawlessly in any virtual environments from your legacy printers on the way to the most high-end stuff like Windows ink in your surface pens

Etc biometric devices. So here with syphilis ACS Technologies, we make all of this possible and More. In fact, I am very proud to be part of the team at Citrix that delivers the most features to their customers with every release. We're always innovating and we're always trying to keep that in you from your mind and provide the best user experience, but very importantly and something we all take to heart at a low cost. I always laugh when I say our head to head comparison videos by Third parties

against some of our competitors which are usually following what we do and they can come up quite close sometimes but if you really look underneath the surface of how much it cost you to deliver the same user experience you finally realize how way ahead we are in terms of bandwidth consumption CPU computer and everything else, especially when the network conditions are deteriorating. So hang on to your seats and be ready to get blown away by 16 virtual channels of ACX Marvel's. And before we get started,

I want to introduce bicx product management team, which has been growing and happy to say that today. There's four of us. You can follow us on Twitter and all that the rest of our team introduce themselves. Say I said, my name is Mark Howell, and I managed the VA Printing and devices at 4. HDX. Heroin, my name is Fernando group on all the Skype for business teams and the old school multimedia. Hey folks. Thanks for joining us. My name is Miguel Contreras. And I am the p.m. For the ICA stack and remote PC. And I didn't mention what I look

after but pretty much everything else. That's not on the lease already. Mainly graphics and all types of Windows OS immigration what we call app experience within Citrix. now let me break a few PowerPoint rules with these BC slide, but it is busy because I want to show all of the valuable t-shirts and this is not an all-inclusive list even that would be delivering scenes or that you've been missing if you park yourself on LCS are more on that later, but basically everything that was delivered since 7:15

and I'm obviously a big c r component I measure success and adoption. So by being on LTS, are you get to miss out on a lot of the new innovations that that work, you know putting out there and I am not even going to ask how many of you are. No atheists are I know it's more than half. We're probably 3/4 of his audience. And I know I am very well aware of the challenges in the recent ones you have for being an ltsr and I want you to know that we have a big initiative at Citrix ICA company to start removing some of these

barriers and make it easier for you to adopt our current releases a lot of work, but we're getting there and at least on the HDX side we're doing many things. Some of we are about to cover in this session. But if I want you to leave with something out of the session today is that you should always be at least on the lookout for one of those things that are coming out of the H DX theme. You know for the next time you can Upgrade to really evaluate the CR pass. I know we all want to keep our users happy and HDX while you're number one tool for that. It's also

very hard for us when you come in and put in and has a request through your account team and ask for stuff to be back for that into ltsr. Remember, the reason you're on all Ts are you don't want things to change so I can introduce changes in color changes into a branch that supposed to be starting Stein basically and only receive security and Bug fixes. So think about your other the other customers are in the industry that one went to pay the price for us touching code for something that you may need on the CR pass. However, we're very open and I like to think that we satisfy most of their

request that come in we work with our customer, of course, you know, this is a business and I got to I got to have a business day for anything we do but for the most part we try and incorporate those requests that come from the field that's actually a big story. Where a lot of this Innovation comes from its customers like you were approaching us and discussing the use cases in the business needs so that we can accommodate technology to satisfy those requirements. The hundred mark here to to start on some of those things that will help you get back on CR.

Okay, so I just walked out and have a great crowd. So thank you for attending we are I think we're in Uncharted Territory here because not only did the video a domain make an HDX presentation. I'm actually leaving off the presentation, you know with some of the video enhancer. They were making this a big deal. So this this is first slide highlights an initiative that our team has undertaken. It has been working on for about maybe six months or so. That's it. We're calling it the video

installer refactoring. And its primary focus is to reduce the number of installation upgrade failures at work that are being reported from the field. There are two types of changes that they were making to to make it easy to make this happen. We're making some proactive changes and some reactive changes and those are kind of highlighted in the three Persian columns here that I'm going to have shown so proactive perspective, you know, we understand that you have email. My wife said down.

Proactive protective Leah, we understand that there are certain msi's within the VA that behave better than others. So the ones that aren't behaving as good as we expecting to, you know, we are on it. We have an initiative. Like I said to to basically refactor those and then rewrite the code to make it feel better. And so we have a backlog of these proactive changes that we want to make this turn into size as we move forward. And so when we started doing that actually inversion 1903

and in terms of reactive changes 1808 n n more important 1811, we started to take a really hard look at the day that I was coming back at the Inn at the failures that we were seeing and so for the eighth 11 release we can we noticed that there were a lot of failures based on being able to or not being able to stop and start services and what else so basic and so basically we made we made several changes to version 1903 to handle those errors that we were seeing. And

so now the 1903 date is coming back and the things that we did to make those changes in your stopping and starting services those look like they they work out well, but data also pointed so we made those changes and those will be released in 1906. So you can kind of see how the interview process was going to work here where we we get the data back. We analyzed it. We make the changes we put the new release out there and it just kind of Cycles through and where we're going to continue to iterate this process until we get to our goal

which is Low, single-digit failure rates right word enterprise software company, and we we need to have you know, we need to have installations that just work. Right? So so, you know, once we start getting the data back from 1906 will make those changes for 1909 and you know, put those out there and as time goes on we expected those changes will become less and less because we're going to really start to fine-tune, you know the hours that we're seeing in and make those changes necessary. It's important to because of our the next thing I'm about to talk about which is the

PGA update service. You don't want to you don't want to put into play update service. Where are the updates fail? We needed to kind of right the ship to be able to push out this new update service. They were building and Which would guarantee a hopefully guarantee you you're the best success rate in in updating and updating of EDS. I'm going to build this slide out just to kind of show the communications here and then I kind of talk of talk about it. But this is a design that we landed on and I'll start on the

right side of the VTA environments. And just so you know, I have kind of both paths are highlighted where you know, if you're a cloud customer or you can you know, you can utilize your Cloud connectors. But if you're not, you know, you can utilize the delivery controller to to put what we're calling the cloud agent on it. Okay, so And I got the video. We don't really don't care whether it is our it doesn't matter if they're on promissory note cloud. This will work. Either way the it is a Cloud solution meeting at the V DFA services in the cloud

as his the administration of that service. However, You don't have to be paying Cloud customer. You just have to have a Citrix cloud account. So so it's not like you have to buy anything. But you do have to sign up for such as cloud account. To be able to administrate the service will have a small agent on the video that is designed to do a couple things. It's going to report the versions of the software that you have installed back to the cloud agent. And it's also going to work as the facilitator of the upgrade. Okay, so it's going to be

a service-based upgrade. The cloud agent is going to take that version information and pass it up to the VA update service. The VA update service is going to have the newest releases of our software coming from our sensors called cicd servers. NBC be downloaded onto the video update service. And then what you'll do us it will happen is the video at the service will have a kind of a tabular view of what you have in terms of versions of a v a s and what's available and when you administrate this through a

service within those thunder cloud, you will be presented with the ability to say okay, you know this machine catalog of EA's is at 1903 and 1906 is available here. Just how do you want to proceed you want to update or do you want to schedule an update and kind of how it looks and how it's going to kind of work? The benefits we see of this update service specifically for assistant persistent bda's remote PC. You're going to be able to update ptas with it

without the need a third-party tools to psych openview SCCM you no answer your tools are you know, whatever you need, whatever you whatever you guys using we hear a lot of challenges with with some of these types of tools and I'm just PDF a service will hopefully alleviate those and then allow you not to use them. You'll be able to update catalog you can do it on demand or via scheduling and and what kind of mapping out how Granville granular we want the schedule and could be at this point, but you know, we can do it by

maintenance windows or by VM idle time or things like that. So again, Version one, you know, we have an idea but we're always going to be always going to be taking you know request for enhancements to make it better. Another benefit is that what we're calling an unattended installation for see are people out there who are past 7:17. You guys are very familiar with the fact that you now have to reboot our software during installation or upgrade during upgrade because basically what we're doing is we completely uninstall a software

reinstall it and that also requires you to login as administrator to finish up to finish the upgrade. This is going to be a service base installation like a service-based upgrade like I explained so the to the service is going to handle the upgrade. I'm sorry the reboots and you know Cecil cream finishing of the upgrade process. You don't want that service starts in your back when the machine starts up again. So you will you will need to login any more to complete the upgrade. And then obviously we're going to have plenty of data to send back to the

administrator who said you kind of administrating is to update process and I'm so we're going to send notifications back DVD update service to the administration console. Just so that that administrative can track the progress of these upgrades. I'm so so so that future we're looking we're hoping that you wanted to maybe protect review. So that's what we're striving for. So will keep you guys posted on that. Okay, so it was separate feature separates than this. I don't want you to ask her can confuse your trying to tie these together cuz

we're not trying to tie these together. This is something else we working on and I will call a 3D a rollback feature in Microsoft has built in the ability to actually roll back a whole bunch of any size wear. If one were to fail their installations. You can roll them all back, right? So as you guys also know or you should know that a vda is only just a bunch of any size fits. There's a metal installer that's orchestrates the installation of about 22, msi's. So what you saying

ETA, right and you kicked off an upgrade process and what is what is new and startling? What's the newest Windows installers it has the ability to do is it has the ability to write all the chain. Is that the end of size are making to the machine to an XML file? And if the VD a word of what are you up to fail at that point to have a you know a video and not a good state right? It's unusual that point you have to probably run the cleanup utility or you're trying to troubleshoot when your what happened either way,

but with with the rollback feature, we expect that you know on an MSI failure was going to do is up to the NFL XML file and just undo all those changes that we're done and it's going to leave your ETA back into that pristine state that it was in before the operator truck started, right? So we are just started smoking this work and then we expected, you know, it'll be probably first half of next year but nothing else was looking at in terms of a v a i guess you could say And I

think that is my last night. I'm going to turn it over to Fernando for unified Communications and Communications. You saw the announcement of the Microsoft CEO Brad Anderson. So HDX eats releasing a new member of the a multimedia family to Microsoft teams. So we're going to have enough station solution for that. So I'd like to introduce you to warming is a senior program manager at Microsoft. He's been collaborating with us for over and we are here and we will talk about

things now. Thanks for not of super super excited to be here. Thanks for coming care. So I just wanted to go through the road map of unified Communications with Microsoft for 2007. We have a Windows Live communication. So I just wanted to go through it at how we started from 2007 to 2017 hear Skype for business on Microsoft for the time of Skype for business be closely Partners David Citrix to build a video Solutions on it right now in Citrus Heights Houston restaurants in Skype for business. We wanted to make sure

that when I move my great-uncle's Skype for business to Microsoft teams, we wanted to make sure that the customer can't run turn audio and video of initiation into Microsoft teams. That's what the Microsoft teams is being ever Fawcett ever application in Microsoft history. So closely voting in building the audio and video optimization solution will go in deeper in in recessed lights So this is just a load. What what what teams are doing it true that this is a platform is completely running in Azure platform on the left hand side.

If you see that I wanted to play Lady Gaga the differentiation between the media signaling online chat and collapsing right that we have this one one-on-one chat on the group chat Group. Which is recorded as a chat and collect data, designating. What we're calling icon comes under the meetings going to meeting features SF today. We have released in Microsoft teams are famous solution which support chat and color. Which is released it last quarter. There are a few too few hundred case of customers are using it as of today to make this media

signaling walking in the optimization mode going deeper apart from that Microsoft teams division is also important Vida partnership ecosystem right now. We have more than 250 applications France. Games App Store. I need to keep growing everyday. This is testicle out worldwide powerful relay. We have it. This is just want to make sure that we have we have taken care of the late late and see and performance in print before we have this as your platform departing probably what it does is that it doesn't intelligence

which which we call it at any cast. It will redirect to the closest region value-adding today. So that people don't see the latency doing a special event at the audio audio and video calling send meeting progessence inside the team. This is just color or number. We have the latency One Way underground if it's less than 50 milliseconds is the same as Office 365. This is a pretty much same with Microsoft teams product in Cardington Cardington may think this is the same performance. Mine said we have a beer and a Microsoft

teams inside of a child missing. This is a Quigley wanted to call out the chart and column which be released last Fighter the team's record admit. It's pretty simple. We have to Party City where you can turn it off. Arlington meetings if you wanted to just use chat today, and then you have the Thin Client requirement. We're not making any changes to the tinkling requirement. Whatever you have it today. We want to make sure that you're think I I think central support Microsoft teams are the third base appetites calling out the VM record match Island right now the

VM operating system right now. We have to be supporting the Windows 10 we go ahead and operating system beep lettuce. So in general, this is our the deployment strategies. If you look at all the way tab the Skype for business. Are the most of the customer will move from Skype for business has to that one League qualifier volleyball at the first stage Ben David Letterman to the parking spot. So we wanted to make sure that when they have this deployment strategies we wanted to have the solution for you guys. So I said earlier if you want to

chat and kermode we have The Optimist team switch is running and today you can move you can take that advantage of Team sublimation and then start doing. If you wanted to move to the calling send me things that's why we partnered with Citrix to build the ultimate solution. It's it's going to release in problem in next few months. That's why they are getting so red from you. When you move to Burlington meetings. We wanted to make sure that you can run down audio video and Optimus book. On the third piece is like if you can UV have document solutions for Saturn.

road map on DVD for the soul in Citra at on desktop site in 08. We leverage browser country direction to redirect the web-based themes. And not supported on the Chrome browser and we required they work space up 1809 to be able to redirect him sufficiently receiver will follow up soon. Hopefully before the end of the year teacher. We want to support each the desktop Place teams. So the optimization for the desktop base team is coming out in Scituate commuter lots and lots of 1906. That's the first

release that will include the code required to offload a audio video. This is a new media engine. It's not based on the one we're using retinol stimulation part. Can you me the engine we developed exclusively for teens? But itching to buy 4th with the world. It's not a planet anymore. Like we have with the RTA me that it wasn't me the answer for Skype for business from now on we're going to bundle everything required for teens into the VA in the workplace up Windows first. That's the first release will go to support and then the other week to Mac

and Linux links probably come first. So the newest team is working on that and Mark would be the last one. If there is any other platform you need let me know. What are we going to offload audio video? Of course, but also screen sharing this is different from the real-time of imitation pack for Skype for business. It's a new type of Oriental using so we are going to even go further into the offloading techniques. Talk to you notes and assignments on this is very important into the world. That's part of the attic speaker up Sunday stops 1906 release

which unfortunately, it's 95 worst pick-up. So we've been over with confusing. And take that note when we release. It is better that the nest of 1906 there is a receiver that comes around workspace app that comes with that layout and there you will find the workplace up version 1905 which is the one we use for a optimizing teams called top and if you want to join that program and get in touch with our being here and he can extend the invitation. So this is going to end up sometime in

June. And after that Microsoft is going to raise an update to the team's application and that's how you get the optimization into and so our part of the code is coming out now with 1906 Microsoft Sparta code Italy after the tech preview. There's going to be a studio policy that allows you to control these per user. So this is different also from Skype for business were there were no police in studio. An important one. I'm sure many of you have seen these The Tint installer used to do everything inside a beta which created a lot of problems for

environment. So from now on they they reflect on their installer so you can use a flag. And now we need stole everything on the program files and it will use up data for some cashing like any other app, but not the main components of the application it snow in their program files. yeah, I didn't do anything there, but Are receiving and if we heard we heard a complaint we we heard you in the user voice for rooms. We hurt you in ready. I probably so many interesting post how people were praising the problem.

So I thought that was interesting read. Do I need to be known by architecture? And this is not for the faint of heart, but I always like to give you the information so you can understand how we doing things and facilitate your troubleshooting. So far nothing you connected to the work. You have a Microsoft teams application hosted inside of it. Which connects to the Azure cloud? What does he do teams colors to Yellow Cloud for authentication. Of course, then signaling is critical that very important the signaling. It's

between a team's app itself and I sure it's not going on going to be offloaded the thing and it made you two teams and operation. So chart by sharing the present instant messaging and HDX doesn't affect. Workflow. Give the new stuff. So so we are introducing. First of all an API that we extend to Microsoft Microsoft and beds this a JavaScript into their application and they talked to our JavaScript which in turn now, it's going to open a communication to a few HDX services that we created specially

for. This will then open up YouTube channel back to work. Which has the New Media engine. So that's how we connect all the components together. So the workflow they use a long to steam Steve's authentic 8 gets a single inch laptop is going to talk to our API. Our API go to communicate via secure web sockets to the new service is the new service is not willing Stan sheet level four Channel. And now we have a direct communication between the media anymore. And the team's hooked it up so we can exchange messages fluently. No. What are we going to do? The

teams application is Coronavirus casolaro parameters regarding the median point and VIPs that the user can communicate to it's going to do the Ice candidates Discovery to all these webrtc stock. It's going to be exchanged between their works. And it seems application with the new engine that we use for kids. So we are am relying on that for the transport and the Codex and the ice candidates. Turn on 13th application understands everything that he needs to know about. The the user's device and probabilities is going to send that

through the thing Alan Channel back to the Azure Cloud. Once they are ready to communicate you be the other peers going to send the instruction to a workman's comp pay go fetch the story go communicate with each other. This IP and the audio video signal in turn on screen sharing with Flo DirecTV to Newark. And the other Pier or between workspace app and not sure if it's a multi-party call remember since it's it's a natural and base solutions for conferences we go back to Azure and there is a media server there. Going to facilitate the conference. In case there is no

peer-to-peer communication capable because sports are blocked or whatever reason then team time fall back to a transport relay that hosted only has a cloud and in that case we use the ports that you see there on the bottom UTEP. Or TCP fall back in case you repeat slower allowed. This basically means you don't know how to talk to your network in team and say Hey, you know, it's possible that for peer-to-peer in case there is no direct communication between appears. I need to rely on the other services to do the stunt stand or ice and allow communication between

them. So I need to open these few boards. Look on his face and watching Transformers. You say you need a UDP ports opened you really need you to be bored to be open for outgoing Communications for conference and in the transport relay. So we aim to provide you're fully native experience. We are trying to adopt every feature that you see today in Edisto teams. We want to make it available immediately. Acrylic table that compares the art of or the real time optimization pack from Skype with teams for me too many

friends by default in teams. We don't need plugins anymore. This will make your roll out easier was prophet oryion Skype for business optimization pack is now based on the wealthy c h 264 continues to be there. Now we prefer for video and Opus. It's going to be the man we prefer for Audi. B20 10 important ones, so they release cycle of of the components in the solution teams video and what's meet up or what we need for your invitation to work teams. Basically releases every two to five weeks there including our

SDK DVD release. Generally, we always aim for the last month of the quarter for the first days on the last month. And then it works without photos at 6 weeks release Cadence. So we tried to put all intelligence into a workspace app. That's where the media engine leaves and that's where the majority of the new features will be in we are trying to make a video transparent pipe. So it doesn't have to be updated if there is something that we want to support later on but there might be situations where the BDL to have to be updated. Our intent is not to do so,

so we want to have the Intelligence on the workspace app. So what happens on on the release? I guess we're going to release 1906 our imminent release and then the work. 1907 is when I come out sometime in early July. Maybe that's where we going to put some more features for games. And then the Civic Civic supposed to have thunderstorms. 2009 is when I come in Q3 new features will be there also, see if it works. 1910, be there might be more features there for my Note but we have our release vehicle to put more features in. It eventually I'm using

Q4 as an example. Don't call me. But let's thank you for the reason ults are so what happens you know in that is your new features. So we brunch the code you can we continue with the current with his truck and now we have the idea soundtrack. So if you're a letter released back, there will be at work. Sometime in inner lip that has new features and then we see which will not include any new feature for teams. So so whatever we were able to squeeze in before the NCSI was released. The feature said you're going to continue to work with if you stick to

the LDS our next version. Eventually the video for keyone 2020 going to be released a new features and then you going to have to YouTube on the switch. So they report on trying to Mikey's you can migrated to the next Thursday at our and get teams with erection, but you will not get new features from that point forward and photos are Rapid Release cycle. So it continues to introduce new features extremely frequency so know if you if you consider team security guard application in your Enterprise

in your planning tool to make it available to your users for for changing the way they work. Be aware that the hesi will not receive new features and we will not back Port anything on the AC use. I put a note on your network. So so remember team Teton National Park Service, so there might be situations on conference calls. For example where the client needs to talk to you as our conference server so we can get a conference stream and that means that your branch office needs an internal breakout. You

can of course use the internet back to the data center if that's the way you have deployed but we always recommend for the media to flow as quickly as possible into the cloud. So if you want it's what we recommend for these cases if your branch office now has you know an internet service from from you know commercial or has a 4 GB internet service and you will not guarantee that the media is optimized would recommend using st121e appliance that you put on the branch office. It communicates with an already one appliance that you

can host throughout VPX or you can use the typical cloud service for everyone. And now we got 20. The RTP traffic is first directed through them babies playing at the moment. We can also duplicate pocket. So they arrived with low Jeter and low latency and eventually our tests show that the user experience has increased from the mosque or 3 to 4 plus when you press the one in a million Okay, so that's what I have four teams. If you have more questions, please let me know and I'll be here all day after the session and I closed up with that a landscape or multimedia. So

it's growing very strong Cisco released and WebEx teams. They have WebEx meetings. They have Cisco Jabber. We are finding new ways to optimize these products. So they would be new announcements coming soon, You can run those workouts on vdi blue jeans with another partner that's creating an application pack for vdi Zoom already has an invitation pack for Citrix. Amazon chime is a web-based service and we can redirect Amazon chime through browser content redirection. Slack also the same we can optimize

the web-based slack to browser country direction of a long-term partner from Citrix. They have a solution to deliver documents were closed for the for the One X product Skype for business continues to be maintaining and develop products in Thai tea drink. So the real-time of imitation Park improvements. Teams I mentioned on Google we are making the first step. We don't have real of imitation parts for for the G Suite multimedia framework study have but we are discussing with Google how to optimize that were close to My last light

on Art of tolerate which was released two weeks ago and we introduce a new Echo cancellation Library. So it is a very nice picture before example, you're using a Perry Farrell and a device on your laptop speakers. So you have a mixed environment. We introduce a new Echo cancellation library that facilitates and the removal of a vehicle and that's based on the AC 3 library on you feature fall back to none of the mice mode when the edge server is not available. So instead of the call failing, at least we can fall back and use the BX protocol to deliver audio for the

user. A quick mention also into the tick spray support for Chromebooks. So Chromebooks are supported will be a time of things I can pack and that requires a Chromebook that can run Android applications and has an Intel CPU. Okay, so we. I'm going to hand it off to Miguel which is going to talk about the 80s. Thanks Fernando. So I'm actually going to take a step back real quick. And I'm going to go back to a couple of the point that we were to meet at the beginning of the presentation. So, you know, the consistency of predictability are long gone. A lot of things

have changed over the years. You know, if mobile device has a lot of an optic on Taylor working work shifting a lot of things that basically disrupted the consistency and predictability that we were used to you know, back in the days. There's also a couple of emerging Trends on the Datacenter for onto that are adding more complexity to network conditions and we're basically a state right now where the one thing that we can be sure of is that Network conditions. I'm very constantly so kind of hard to predict a lot of the stuff that let me know. What's going to be the subject

it to I say access to resources in their services. The one of those things is a data center consolidation. So we talked a little bit about this last year actually was still very much relevant today. And you know, they were the main effects here and data center consolidation is the fact that we're moving resources away from users the Adelaide and see a reduction in bandwidth packet loss Jitter in the you-name-it bunch of stuff. That's not good for user experience furthermore, you know, while all this is happening are requirements are becoming more demanding ass over to mention

adoptions of high-definition devices reversal icing were closing and use cases that previously were not virtualize. I need Lemoore mobility and flexibility to our users. And at the same time the expectation is that we continue to provide local like experience and performance. We also have to take into account public lap migrations. So sure polly. Klaas have been around for a few years now, but for the most part A lot of the work clothes that have been posted there are back in service and infrastructure and things are quite frankly do not

have in general a direct impact in use Earth day today activities and experience but things are changing now. So now we're adopting more as a service-type offering so whether it's user workloads or other services that are hosting in various clouds. And so, you know that those are things that aren't that we need to take into account. Don't want to give you an example here, you know us as a user that's going through my notes that transformation out firsthand. So, you know, I think back to all the applications and

virtual desktops that I access in the regular basis and a lot of them are hosted on Prim and when I look at my connectivity between my work station in those resources, you know, my latency is sulfite milliseconds. That's that's pretty good to be honest. If you know this doesn't get any better than that. I'll let you know a lot of the stuff that I have that I used to know if we move more workloads and more services to the cloud the way that I connect to those resources that I consume those Services changes and in some instances those cloud-hosted resources in the cloud hosted

Services. I can only be accessed through the cloud for the internet. And so that means that the way that I access them is completely different Minecraft activity to Hills Resort has completely different so I went ahead. And I took a look at it while what exactly does that mean for my connectivity standpoint and what you're seeing right here. This is specific to me and what I suspect that and in my particular scenario the closest data centers that I have a dentist Pacific. Do I sure by the way, the closest casinos to me were the ones in the East and when I looked at

that I compared the connectivity between my work station in my local resources in my local data center and then my work station in my resources hosted in the cloud in my clothes as data center. And then what I saw is that there's a 94% increase in Glade and seeing my connection obviously a couple of very obvious reasons. They're so first of all, I'm going through the internet first of all and then Dos Lagos in her physically farther away. So that makes a lot of sense and 30 33 milliseconds is it's not bad. It's not as the greatest sub 5 milliseconds, but still not bad. So

the keeps of thing though, that's we consume or services that are cloud-based and To be reached directly for the cloud, you know as much as RS delays and in in certain levels of guarantees. Are you always going to go to the closest resource location? What happens when you don't what happens when you gets routed somewhere else, you know, there could be going through an update window. Something went wrong in the service down or something funky happened during the load balancing. You got a ride to somewhere else. So I also went ahead and compared. Well, what is

a fun activity difference look like when I'm asking resources to a different resource will face. So I tested what's the west coast and what I noticed is that the difference between reaching out directly internally to my West Coast resources and two resources over the Internet. There's a 23% increase in latency. They're not as big of a difference but it's an increase in Lansing on the less in the same holds true for basically every other region in in the world. So why is it important to this is important? Because of this agency has a couple of effects

in in in terms of user experience what you're seeing right? Here is the bandwidth consumption for executing a specific task within a virtual desktop under three different connections. The top one is a lan connection Supply millisecond latency. The second one is a connection with a 50 millisecond latency. And then the third one which is one of the bottom is a connection 250 millisecond latency. So latency is not good. So, you know, it's late and seeing black to you know, the user

experience but it also reduces its roof with all the session for my Virtual Lab Sonesta perspective what this means is lower Graphics quality lag in the end of session and Binoo all things that lead to a for user experience. So the good news is that at HDX working hard at work to tackle this head-on and Make sure that you guys have a protocol that you can use to deliver your users the best experience possible regardless of the network conditions and you know regardless of the device and location where they're working from. So in case you missed it back into 4 with virtual

apps in list of 1811 we introducing has been to the ICA stack that we pull adapter through good. This allows us to increase the throughput to ICA over TCP and while at the same time monitoring session interactivity in so what that allows us to do is we constantly check for interactivity in the session if any virtual channel for whatever reason to start switching out a large enough amount of data that it starts affecting graphics and therefore interactivity. We can actually go ahead and throw down the throughput so that interactivity can recover cuz at the end of the day user

experience and interactivity, it's the most important thing other benefits of adaptive group would include an increase in Brazilian to high latency up to five times faster transfer speeds. Better responsiveness interactivity higher frame rate and resolution which you know, it's part of why you have the the the better responsiveness interactivity. Also, if you're playing media server render media smoother playback as well and overall really just a better user experience. So what you're about to see right now, it's a video comparison of

playing a full screen video in Santa Apps and send this up 7:15 in Virtual. Absinthe SF 71811. So you can immediately see that the video on 7:15 is pretty chopping. Not very great. Where is the video on bridge collapse in Des up to eight and eleven actually place a lot smoother. Not sure if you can see this very well right now, but there's you know, there's a bunch of a session statistics there in the right upper right corner. One of one of which has framerate the frame rate for 7:15 is completely adorable o10 where us the frame rate for

1811 is consistently at or above 20 and you know, that's definitely contributing factor of you know, how well does the video playback looks let me take a sign out here. We highly recommend that you guys use our optimization Andre directions Technologies for media playback for the best user experience. Tonight Show several render video for this is because a very easy way to visually compare the performance between the two. So how is that being said, you know the video playback was not the only thing that we looked at when we were, you know, developing and releasing

adapter through would but we also took a look at file transfer performance. So compared to to previous versions of Stevenson desktop and even bridge collapse in desktops. There was an increase on transfer speeds of up to 75% meaning of the file transfer completed in roughly a quarter of the time all this, you know increase in responsiveness in decreasing times what it takes to transfer data just resulting in overall user experience would also better productivity for your users and therefore, you know, I want more happy people in like a herd of said that's very important because

employees are number one asset. So we want if we want to keep him happy. So, you know, if for whatever reason you have not made the change to EDT or unable to do so in the near future, this is definitely something that you want in your Arsenal available for IC over TCP As you move forward. And speaking of EDT. There's a few guys that have stepped stop by your booth in the Expo whole view Pro you have the opportunity to look at this first hand those of you that have been gone. I definitely recommend that you do but we have a new transfer protocol into words that specifically built for

unreliable and challenging networks. We're calling it EDT losey. It is based on the existing EDT, but it's so unreliable meaning truly fire-and-forget just like sandar UPS. So the enlightened portal channels has to do with the fact that are virtual channels that support ATT lossy. They have the ability to switch between regular EDT & EDP lost sea bass in the network conditions namely latency and packet loss. So they have the ability to the side when it's time to sleep between one and the other we also have virtual channel that actually are not good candidates for loss

of Transport. So for example, plain Drive mapping, do you want your files transferred to be reliable if you don't want that? Jackets, one reliable transport. So that leads me to the point where we actually have the ability to decompose d i c h i c a second if you will and transport specific virtual channels over lawsuit protocol and the other silver reliable protocol at the same time for the same session as it makes sense and if it's needed so in this particular video, it's pretty much the same thing that you will see at the booth, but it's better to see it

firsthand. But anyone here you can see the responsiveness off of the session. This is a virtual desktop that's launch any connection to have 5% packet loss in 300 milliseconds of latency. So you can see the the the spinning car is pretty smooth enough the video progresses. You'll also see window dragging. It's also pretty responsive silverson. One of EDT lossy will include support for losey graphics using full screen h.264. It will also take care of responsiveness for keyboard and mouse as far as to what the future holds for ett. Lossy will be adding

additional virtual channels and Graphics modes and the other input types. And so thank multi-touch in pain. All right, and you know the last one that leaves when everything else fails and you know your face with extreme late and seeing your environments, you know think like one second or boss, you know, there's always local text Echo for those that have been working with Citrix for a long time. You may remember this feature from FNAF 6 5 days. You know, we finally brought it back to to the product with a c that

Vapor Labs and desktops 1811 and those of you that are not too familiar with that you may have heard of it as zero latency or speech be streaming latency reduction, but the version that we released with 1811, basically, it's a feature parity 141 with a 6 5 days and then you know, as far as what the future holds for this for. This feature is enhancements in terms of application compatibility and various other use face potentially other areas of user input as well. So, you know, that's do you know on the warts and then on the road map so expect some updates

in this in the future as well. So with that being said, I'm going to hand it back to Papa Roach, I want to talk about Graphics. Thanks. Amigo. So I'm back and cover the graph expecting real quick out with you guys. I'm going to try and take a trip back in time and come forward here. You know, I'm very proud to say that we have the most robust Graphics remoting technology out there which has all of these options but with many options comes of course out of complexity and as a former consultant working on the field for the good part of a decade before I

join the product name. I saw this firsthand it was a great tool in my Arsenal to meet whatever customers through our way in terms of graphics on the other hand. I also saw how customers troubles and partners and service integrators to get the right configuration team plays for the right use cases, you know, we would pretty much take off SNS ECS team and then come back maybe for a fry review and assessment a year down the road. NC house, even in many cases customers were just settling with whatever they got out of it as they added more use cases and more applications and expanded their

environment. So I knew that as soon as I joined the product team first order of business was too steeply file these get the guesswork out and make sure that out of the box you had pretty much the best solution because it also makes my job easier when people ask me what should I do in terms of graphics for days I can just say don't touch anything. So this is probably the slightest been shown to mohsen HDX history, but I have to show it again because it is the foundation for everything that we do in terms of Scream & Ally season selective and coding am now

starting to see some of the competition finally get the hint and followers to. Here because there is no better way to do it, right there's different content sunscreen and there is not one Kodak. I can do it all so you definitely want to make sure that you're able to identify quickly. Why do you say what is text? What is a still image? What is video I would be doing this for a while. I think we started doing selective encoding in this fashion since like 7:11 or 3 years back now, but we've continued to improve on this and now we're doing at things like network analysis to incorporate into

these algorithms and we're building images with Progressive update so that are there is no perception of how things start to change. From there we moved on in this right right after the last LTS around 7:16. We deliver what's the automatics Graphics provider? So if you don't see how you've already seen this if you have to do pro users, there's no more need to install the video Gun 3D Pro or not. We detected whether there's a GPU on the machine at runtime and we'll use it if it's there. So treated people become say anything more of a policy rather than anything else

from their waist continue to develop our product and basically transform this whole vision of single settings. Trust me. We know what we're doing just leave before sending it into our reality. We had a generic GPU support based on the Amicus of indirect display driver model, which allows us to indicated that we don't see, you know, the paper called gpus that we support at the Nvidia grid cars in your Intel Iris Pro us anything that we don't play well with will go into a generic driver mode. Still alive. Still benefit from GPU and Hardware acceleration

Windows case as well. So think WeMo PC where they give you can be pretty much anything. I don't have to develop for every single option. Are there any more and you will get the benefits for the most part 9 out of 10 times at whatever they give you is capable of specially when DirectX and opengl acceleration and things like that. We got it a lot of intelligence to are what we call priests promocionar policy so that from version 2 version default settings adapter whatever it is that we recommend you use and this involves a lot of client Goshi ation. So kind of abilities negotiation, we

do support every platform out there and we've seen challenges work. So I have a I have my my settings that are great for Windows and Mac and Linux, but what happens when I connect with something like a Raspberry Pi or the workspace Hub, you know video code it works better in those cases of these allows us to understand what the client is capable of and switch those settings on phone connection so that you don't have to again be on the You know the old days of prescribed configurations where I need to know exactly what's happening who's connecting what type of Graphics requirements

they have and then set all the policies to feed that. We're trying to move away from all that and that was a big part of that from there on the 718 days. We saw, you know, modern Progressive display and thin wire plus whenever we detect a robot Network conditions, we can go into low-fidelity mode and for Network hiccups write latency, go southbound with drops will reduce image quality to adopt and maintain use DirectX interactivity, but more importantly when the network is back on on track. We quickly go back to to whatever settings you have before and

That sort of speaks to h.264 base deal to Los Tres which is something we've been doing for a long time. But on jpeg video Codec is much better for that to keep frame rates up and took he been with them. So that's been a a great feature that carries challenges hit that first eye doctors did come back and provide a lot of good feedback on the time we were taken to build a image etcetera. So we've made a lot of improvement to that. In fact the release coming out now, I think we got it right where it needs to be and I hope for this to become the new default

mode and 3D Pro. So this keeps our customers that need 3D Graphics The Best of Both Worlds, you get the performance the frame rates that you needs while you're moving stuff around and the Pixel Perfect Image quality when contents are no longer moving. And from there at some of the other things that are coming up very soon lost a graphics. We should maybe I'll just call her as part of the enlightened Los Favoritos channels. This is finally when from hot and thin wire come together from a graphics perspective sew-in without the coso framework, which is the best part.

You don't need 5 Max. Plus I've been waiting for this to work and we don't really care about how about your packet loss season in in this case to see that we lost the graphics is going to be video Codec first because we want to address our training Pro customers and you know highlight and ceilings, but then we're going to continue to expand that an add-on to RC wire protocol switch. Don't need you no more forgiving when it comes to network and finally Dynamic 280 Pro as part of the whole concept of selective encoding in detecting what sunscreen and making the best app for word. I want to

take that one last step and not even have to worry about that, you know up to my torch ready for work load policy that we have today. Texans stats all of the you know parameters we like for those workloads such as full screen videos and several tweaks that we do behind the scenes and follow all of that should be done Dynamic Learning Station. I see most of our customers note saying I have multiple monitors. I have auto title one screen there at his office apps I want to be able to detect that out of cat is running when it's running in which screen and a Trader

Pro there only and I have to worry about the rest of the session having to look like it's too deep for one. It's not so that's the next big part. And with that was trying to recover this this Vision that speed now in the works for about two years into our reality where you have a UniFi Graphics mode that pretty much is best for everything but we keep all of those cops and options that I showed him that first slide behind the scenes and available to you and policies for that other, you know, whatever 10% case if we know there's some outliers that you're going to need some special things that

will still provide for controlling grinding granularity when it comes to graphic policies. Now for at least knowing what is happening since things are going to start changing dynamically with in session and graphics for those power users out there help desk or anybody that it's getting enough to care. I was introduced the graphic status Graphics status indicator. This was our old lost next week. If you eat if you familiar with that until you're only you can now enable this through policy and give it to any users on a desktop be a LinkedIn and it

allowed to for you to see what is sunscreen or what is happening from a graphic perspective at any given time per monitor. Why the same time still allowing you to switch to lossless image that you do not need you to use for this or anything like that. It's available to any session running Dustin Powers video. An extending flexibility into things like physical display virtual disk player layout was another one of the features that was released allowing the user now to carve a slice of that physical display in two different

virtual this place for the session to be built based on whatever they are. They shoes with support makes the Fiat in these cases and both portrait and landscape mode and we have Roma to enhance these and include multiple physical monitor support. Down the line as well as a screen selection so that you can choose which physical monetarist directly attached to your amp when you want to consider for the Citrix session. And that is a mistake because multimedia was already Carver

Fernando, but that's pretty much what I had for graphics. I will go ahead and turn it over to mark for printing. Alright, thanks, Roberto. Okay, I'm back and I'm the guy that's just between you guys and lunch. So I'm going to talk about printing first and then we'll talk about some things. We're doing a devices in 1903 C. 1903 released the ability to encrypt a print screen traffic from the VA to the universal print server and some of the things they're up on the screen. It's controlled bicycles policy. Multiple Cypress Suites report including tips.

Feature that I want to talk about is what we're calling workspace Printing and this hasn't released yet. In fact, we're looking for a customer interest in something like this and I'll explain the original show video that we recorded. But if you have if you have interest in this, please mark. Howlett citrix.com send me an email because we really want to make this work, right? That's basically what does it's it's kind of like a a mobile print solution, right? So it gives you the ability to Prince from the virtual session

outside the virtual session. So so what happens is Nvda, we're going to install we're going to install a virtual printer called the work space printer. And if you wanted to take advantage of this feature, you would actually printed at printer and the job would get converted into a PDF and save and share file and then on the workspace application for the workplace experience. We're going to have a print job stabbed that will allow you then to go to the workspace app and print that job but take advantage of the printers that are actually presented to

the device and not so much into the virtual channel. So it you know, so if you're on an iPad is an example that can see the Sand Lake health care of some other Industries where you know, you're across the wing and you know, you have you no printers that aren't available to you and your virtual Channel look to the device you can print that document. So so that's where we see this use case and I just kind of show you the video is it just kind of runs through? So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to open up a virtual desktop. Through the works face application and I don't have any

way to speed this up. But so I'm going to do is I'm going to just create a notepad document. This is a test document. I'm going to go to file Prince and once it once the printer is a numerator, you'll see this new printer that I talked about this work space printer. So this point in the taskbar you'll see that it'll stay there till view documents a to share file and that it was uploaded successfully display. You can go how does a virtual session in Back to the device to where the works police application is running and go

to your print jobs and you'll see that wsp to which was the document I just created is available to Prince at this point. You can open it up now in terms of a demo. This is you know, where we're showing the whole sharefile kind of workflow there it would be different if you know once we actually brought this product to Market where we would we're not using the show file API, there was just actually hook and read and see if she'll file so you wouldn't have all those options to do things like the chef out things. It would just be the prince. So kind of that's what we eat. That's how

we just showed there. And that's done. So and so if you think there's a customer just please let us know. Couple of slides on devices so over the last few know few quarters, we've done some things around ya releases towards some of the things released released the windows ink supports the 1903 and I have a small video after this slide about bats USA USB devices using generic USB redirection was really thinking 3 and then files are larger than 4GB via client Drive mapping was also released or transferring files

greater than four kegs filled with a release in Q3 as well. Alright, so here's this here's the short video that I showed you so. Before see that 1903 stylist was really good the most right? So with the release of 1903 The Stylist is now a right angle. And and and that's what she's showing right there. Some of the requirements. Are you got you need my windows as a on the clients that you need Windows 1981 and on the VA you need 1981 or server 2019 Ford Mustang I want to talk about this is

something that I've been following for about a year now and it's biometric authentication specifically Fido to keep a show of hands anyone with Fido to or Fido. Yeah, okay hands are getting there's any more hands as I as I deliver these present presentations. So if I don't to basically is asymmetric cryptography cryptography that uses public and private key pairs that claimed that their technology will will bring me into passwords. Right and we're going to show you that actually in one of these videos final two is basically a set of components

that when put together, you know, allow you to use either Biometrics is either a second form of authentication or as the primary form of authentication and you know, so and there's a an alliance out there called to fight Alliance Fido Alliance. Org that has some really really big companies associated with Microsoft being one of them Google a whole bunch of really large companies that are that are really Paving the way to biometric Authentication. So, how does it work? So you had these authenticators? Right? So

USB Keys the Fightin which is the middle of key there and then there's the yubico Fido Fido to keep as well as the TPM module on your integrated device. That's a that's an authenticator and those authenticators talked to the client platform via don't recall what they call client Authentication Protocol and. Browser that's sitting on the client has a new API installed on it all the way back. Then what happened to AP I stepped design to speak to a relying party server, which is where the public keys are stored. Right?

So that's kind of how that's kind of how it works. You know, you have to register your biometric device with a relying party and during that registration and I'm going to show you this as well during that registration. That's when the private key has is created and stored on that indicator right now. Ancestry login is basically a handle if it has handled by the public Challenge from that public key and your biometric unlock the authenticator to sign that public challenge will that help with a private response and you get logged in?

So you might be thinking. Okay, that's really cool. If I go to looks really nice, but where does that fit into each HDX and then you know, so one one way is you know, what if you want to take me to get advantage of Fighter 2 in a virtual session right? One thing I've learned over the years is that if you can do it locally customers are going to want to do it for chewy, right? And and I think this this whole truth as well. So what's up? What if you want to do if U USB redirection that sounds pretty straightforward and in fact it is so here's a short video and

if there's any two videos kind of fuse together here, I'm going to open up Microsoft Edge and Microsoft already has his built into account. Microsoft.com. And so I'm logging in right now with a fighting USB key that has a fingerprint reader on it. So once I do that, it's basically just telling me Touch my security key and once I do that signs that public challenge with that private key that I just unlocked with my finger. No, that's cool. That's local right? So what about virtual? Well, let's see. I'm going to open up a virtual desktop running Windows 10 here and currently

on my local device. I don't have that key installed plugged in and I'll show you that once you want this kind of fires up you'll see that I don't have any devices available or I don't have that device available to redirect. But once I plug that in. And the device is available to redirect I'm going to redirect it. And this is just going to be a via USB redirection. So now I go back to my virtual session go to the account. Microsoft.com website go to sign in

because there is no one else will the one in a virtual desktop. Okay. So now it's telling me you're going to lock me in. Okay, so, let's see if I can for okay, so okay. That's cool. That means you would have to give all your employees you may or may not be beneficial to you guys and maybe you want to take advantage of integrated Biometrics right where you can use Windows. Hello and a TPM 2.0 out of the authenticator like the surface books. That's what I did these Devils on. So again three things that don't

exist on a virtual Desktop Windows. Hello TPMS and integrated Biometrics, right? All those things are local. So now this is going to get in. Sex to get a little interested. So what if you could redirect those phyto two components that are down to that local device, that's interesting. So let's look at that. So again local device here taking advantage of Windows. Hello the TPM and in and IR camera hasn't seen her. This is pretty much what I'm going to sign it with the windows. Hello option there and this time I'm going to let my face is there facial recognition camera take it and it's going

to it's really quick happens really fast. Okay, and then I'm going to get signed in now. I'm going to go to the I'm going to pause this as this kind of goes through because I want to make sure that I highlight a couple things here fashionable just talk to it as a ghost in this next part now we're virtually this is a published Chrome application. And actually I'm about to run a publishing application. We had to build our own websites and relying party test to start coding this right because we needed to understand the work there the traffic flow in the other Communications. So we

we are so we have a website published in azure. Call the Citrix app store. And what we're going to do here as we're actually going to register a biometric. In the virtual session and integrated Biometrics and you should be saying well, how are you going to do that? Well, we're going to take advantage of the local Biometrics on the on the surface book and that's what you're seeing right there. So it just it just look at my face. I said, okay, you can register at buy a metric and US Census successfully created credential for Synergy 10. Now, let's login. What is it going to do is go to

redirect again the login process down to the local device and it's going to say okay that's you and now, you know verify that credential so and so that the hash and you've gotten into your website, right? So I'm going to stop there because that's all I have to say, but the new so so that's that's where we're going with Fido to integration into into into virtual sessions and things like that and with 2 minutes and 35 seconds after I open it up for questions. I hate doing well. That's all I had before we leave. Thank you all.

Really appreciate it. I just want to wrap up and and recap that you do want to let her see if she expect to make technology invisible keep everybody happy and productive but really consider Ciara and I put this Eric's picture here right before you guys walked in cuz I wanted to include him somehow I might slide deck and I don't even want to Adair compare the challenge of adopting CR2 the stuff he's done, but I think we can all work together all spread out developing what you need to get past that and you guys have high tea teams, you know, getting your stuff together so that you can move a

little bit faster than every two years. Thanks again. I will see you in the boat ign1. I thank you.

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